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Hello, and welcome to the unofficial Illyriad wiki. If you register an account, please use the name name that matches your in-game account exactly. Also, do please be respectful to other editors, so we can all focus on making Arcanum Illyria a valuable, comprehensive compendium on all things Illyriad.


Notice to all building chart editors:

Building level upgrade costs get incorrectly reported by the game interface while upgrades are queued. (For example, while upgrading the Infantry Quarters from 0→1, the values stated for 1→2 are actually for 2→3). In addition, the interface will display rounding errors that on low levels produce numbers ending in :59 instead of :00, and on higher levels can be off by a few minutes. Only use values shown when the build queue is empty.

Any time that is recorded not ending in :00 is probably wrong and makes the accuracy of all other values in the table suspect. Please do not record any such values unless you are absolutely certain they are correct, and then make a note of that certainty in the chart's talk page. All editors are encouraged to verify existing chart entries whenever possible.

New Users Please Note

Due to spam activity, anonymous editing is not allowed. Further, to prevent in-game identity fraud, all accounts must match an existing active in-game account. Accounts which do not have an in-game counterpart with the exact same name are subject to deletion, and in the near future, creating or using an account will require the user to supply proof that he owns the matching Illyriad account (hopefully through an external authentication mechanism offered by Illyriad).

Featured Pages

The following pages exemplify some of the standards for which we strive.

Useful Resources

They may not be pretty, but they can be handy.


Please review the (recently updated) guidelines list on our help page before making any non-trivial edits. Most importantly, place {{Stub}} at the top of any new pages you create, and do not remove it from any pages. Senior editors are happy to help and provide cleanup, but need to be able to track ongoing work more efficiently.

You Can Help

Some areas of the wiki would benefit most from simply having as many people as possible filling in tiny details that not everyone can see. For example, what is the wood cost of a level 14 barracks? The intermediary building charts page page is where you can learn it is 20,958...but only because someone with a level 13 barracks filled in that row of the table. Every little factual detail supplied by casual visitors helps regular editors develop this wiki into a comprehensive and accessible resource for everyone.

Some good places to look for little details to contribute are:

If you would like to more proactively help make this wiki the comprehensive resource it should be, the best place to start is by reading the help page for general tips and advice on wiki editing and the conventions and standards used by this wiki. After that, the current events page will outline good areas for beginners to begin contributing. There is tons of material whose content is not in any way ambiguous or difficult to determine, but just needs willing hands to type it out and check appropriate references.

Sparsely-populated categories with plenty of pages ready to be add:

Other general page articles/categories that can be written:

  • Population
  • Factions
  • Regions
  • Biomes
  • Trade
  • Sovereignty
  • Category:Military Stratagems
  • Alliance pages: If you have an alliance in-game, you're welcome to publish some details about it on this wiki. Please use your full alliance name (you may also create a redirect page using your alliance ticker). Place any such articles and redirects under the Elgea: namespace, where they will be properly associated with the game server they call home even after new game servers are introduced, and kept distinct from general game information.
Building pages are not yet ready for contributors as there is no infobox template in place and no organizational structure yet established. Resource pages are being personally handled by the administrator to avoid confusion over some of the intricate complexities of resource categorization.