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Aindara covers roughly 109,154 square miles. It is located on the West coast of The Broken Lands. Aindara has a vast coastal plain that rises the farther east you go. There a 4 major rivers flowing east to west.


As of 3/17/2015 there is believed to be 295 towns supporting a population of 1,534,208. The oldest city is SoUlSoCiEtY founded 07/11/2010. The largest city is Badgerfield-with a population of 27,698.

Race Population
Human 846,667
Elf 273,449
Dwarf 135,210
Orc 278,882


There are 27 alliances in Aindara . There are 21 towns with a population of 20,902 that are unaffiliated. No alliance has their capital in Aindara

Top 5 Alliances Population
Hellfire 437,840
Wheel of Time 362,508
Noble Odyssey 192,041
Illy Training Ground 113,570
Heroes of the Horn 72,447


March 17, 2015