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Almenly covers roughly 106,385 square miles. It is located near the center of The Broken Lands. Almenly is covered by a vast forest. There is 1 major mountain range that runs north to south near the western border with Kormandly. Most of the rivers flow out of this mountain range with the longest forming much of the border with Strendur.

Registry of Rare Herbs

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There is believed to be 129 towns supporting a population of 462,554. The oldest city is 2. Nalleen-TBL founded 01-15-2012. The largest city is Rojakopolis with a population of 27,397.

Race Population
Human 69,936
Elf 238,386
Dwarf 117,318
Orc 36,914


There are 22 alliances in Almenly . There are 24 towns with a population of 55,001 that are unaffiliated.

Top 5 Alliances Population
TRIVIUM 151,182
The Han Dynasty 130,015
Night Squires 33,320
The Sanctuary 14,803

Alliance Capital
The Han Dynasty Luoyang
The Sanctuary Elegoria 1 SL-C2
The_Night's_Watch Castle Black


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