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Ancestral Duties

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Quest Details
Ancestral Duties
Type Diplomatic
Level 2
To Accept 2
Basic secondary resource
Units >5 scouts
Leather Armour
Basic equipment (resource)
Leather Armour
Diplomatic Quests - Quests



Your ancestral cousins, the forest Elves, are deeply disturbed about what they call a "sacrilege" of the ancient groves.

It seems an over-eager Dwarven lumber merchant, Hrolith Fernquarry, has set up a camp on the edge of millennia-old forestland sacred to the forest Elves.

What's more, he's offered a large bribe to the Wardens that confronted him at the camp!

Before any decisive action can be taken, they need to know just how many Dwarves Fernquarry has in his employ.

The Dwarves are keeping a close eye out for anything that resembles a forest elf, but they won't see your scouts coming.

To complete this quest, you must
Successfully scout location xxx|yyy using >5 scouts (of any kind)

Successful Mission Report

Your scouts report that they were able to accurately determine how many Dwarves work at the camp and even secure some of the spare armour that was lying around the camp.

Quest Completion

Like ghosts, your scouts moved amongst the Dwarf camp with such success that the Dwarves didn't even notice when your scouts stole 8 suits of leather armour from the storage cabin.

The forest Elves are very thankful but offer no reward—reminding your scouts that the ancestral duties are just that.

What you get
Leather Armour
Basic equipment (resource)
Leather Armour

Failed Mission Report

Despite the skills and intentions of your scouts, there were just too few of them and the alert lumberjacks chased them away before they could accurately determine how many Dwarves were there.

The scouts feel confident they can make another attempt if they go with a larger number.