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An army consists of one or more divisions. Each division has a commander for various military units. The units trained in the barracks can be assigned to divisions, or returned to the unassigned units in the barracks for an army that is not on manoeuvres. The slowest unit in any division—including its commander—determines the speed of the whole army, so there's no point in putting fast units in an army unless all the units in the army are fast.

Within the Diplomatic Visibility the size of armies is labelled as for NPCs:

Sizes of NPC Occupations
Label Minimum Maximum
Few 13
Handful 48
Several 921
Pack 2281
Many 82128
Gathering 129227
Horde 228462
Throng 463815
Host 8162,500
Legion 2,5019,999
Myriad 10,00024,999
Sea 25,00049,999
Cornucopia 50,000-