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Basic Units

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Basic units are the first level or tier for each type of (non-siege) unit available--spearmen or other polearms, swordsmen or similar fighters, mounted fighters, and bowmen or crossbowmen for military types, and scouts, spies, thieves, saboteurs, and assassins for diplomatic types. Every basic unit has an advanced unit in the second tier, and a third may eventually be introduced.

Basic units are generally less desirable once their advanced counterparts become available, but exceptions do exist. For example, the Elves' Swiftsteed is the fastest unit in the game, thus retaining value even when the second tier Marshal becomes available. Freedom from reliance on chainmail supply also boosts the former's value in a rounded army, as chainmail is typically a heavily-constrained resource for Elves. In the case of diplomatic types, basic units provide better defense value relative to upkeep (while advanced diplomats are better in offense).

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