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A Camp is a group of player or NPC units occupying a square that is not a city. Camps can be attacked and have no walls to boost their defense, but can be quite stacked since many armies can participate in a single camp. Sieges and blockades are special forms of camp that occur when attacks using one of those stratagems arrive at a targeted city. These camps deploy on a predetermined location adjacent to the city they target.

Player and faction camps are represented on the world map as a generic humanoid icon. Natural races occupying a square will instead have their own icon uniquely identifying the species, as well as a description approximating their number. The detailed contents of a camp can be further discerned by any kind of scout. At present, assassins cannot kill commanders in camps. Until pathfinding is implemented, camps do not in any way interfere with units passing through the area. (Blockades may seem an exception but in fact only capture caravans going in and out of the city, not through the camp itself.) Camps on enemy sovereign soil will face a defensive penalty based on the level of sovereign claim.


Camps are necessary for claiming sovereignty or deploying sieges and blockades, and useful for defending non-city locations against direct assaults, preventing incoming siege or blockade attacks from deploying successfully, and disrupting sovereign claims. NPC camps are useful for fighting practice and gaining experience for commanders during peace time, as well as harvesting a little gold. Attacking faction camps is a good way to earn enmity with that faction, possibly to curry favor with an enemy of that faction.