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The magic school of Blights provides spells that will inhibit resource production or destroy resources.

Spells in this school are

Persistent-Blights: (reducing production by 3% or 6%) and incurring mana upkeep
Persistent RainsTorrential Rains
decreases clay production
Rotten TimberForest Blight
decreases wood production
Minor TremorMajor Tremor
decreases stone production
Increased OxidationRapid Oxidation
decreases iron production
Ground ChillSharp Frost
decreases food production
Carrigen's Mental Lethargy
decreases research production
Plague of Locusts
destroys livestock, horses and food
Zashlak's Earthly Entropy
destroys clay and stone
Tenaril's Pungent Solvent
destroys iron and swords
Carrigen's Infestation
destroys books, mana and research