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Crafting Research encompasses all research to craft items out of the new resources

Crafting Research Tree

Deceases Crafting Time

Workshop Specialisation


Leather Armour research
Light LeatherHeavy LeatherExtra Light ArmourExtra Heavy ArmourMidnight Armour
Sun-Burnished Armour
Chainmail Armour research
Light Chain ArmourHeavy Chain ArmourExtra Light ChainmailExtra Heavy ChainmailSilversteel Chainmail
Plate Armourer research
Light PlatemailHeavy PlatemailObsidian PlatemailSilversteel Platemail


Horse research
Draught HorseRiding HorseHeavy WarhorseSteady WarhorseNimble Warhorse


Spear research
Razor-Edged SpearLight SpearWar SpearIron-Banded SpearSilversteel Spear
TridentFang-Tipped SpearFang-Barbed Spear
Sword research
Razor-Edged SwordLight SwordWar AxeSilversteel Sword
Spiked SwordFang-Barbed SwordChitin-Crafted Shortsword
Bow research
Light BowWar BowThree-Wood BowComposite BowChitin-Cored Bow

Mixed Weapon and Armour research

Over-Padded ArmourOver-Padded ChainmailSpiked PlatemailAnimal-Scale Armour
Arctic SpearBone Handled SwordArctic BowHarpoon-SpearMammoth Tusk Bow (research)Mammoth Tusk Bow
Battle SpearLongswordHigh-Power Bow
Boar SpearHunter's BowDragon SpearHero's BowReinforced Sword
Cloth-Backed LeatherCloth-Backed ChainmailChain-Edged Platemail
Defender's SpearBattle SwordMarksman's Bow
Desert ArmourDesert ChainmailDesert Platemail
Desert SpearScimitarDesert BowDesert Pike
Duelling SpearSeaxeRapid-Draw Bow
Forester's ArmourWoodsman's ChainmailForester's Platemail
Forester's SpearShort SwordWoodsman's BowPoacher's Bow
Fur-Lined ArmourFur-Lined ArmourFur-Lined Armour
Hardened LeatherDouble-Weave ChainmailThickened Platemail
Highland ArmourHighland ChainmailHighland Platemail
Hill-Tribe SpearAdventurer's SwordHillsman's Bow
Jungle ArmourJungle ChainmailJungle Platemail
Jungle SpearMacheteJungle BowJungle Hunter's SpearLeopard Gut Bow
Mountain SpearMountain-Tribe's SwordMountain Bow
PikeSabreLong-Draw Bow
Plainsman's ArmourPlainsman's ChainmailPlainsman's Platemail
Plainsman's SpearBarbarian SwordPlains Bow
Reinforced LeatherReinforced ChainmailReinforced Platemail
SplintmailThick-Ring ChainmailUnder-Padded Platemail
Upland ArmourHill'sman's ChainmailUpland Platemail
Vanguard's ArmourVanguard's ChainmailVanguard's Platemail
Obsidian-Tipped SpearObsidian BladeEbony SpearEbony-Hilt SwordEbony Bow

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