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Circle of Five

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Circle of Five is a Mixed faction occupying the are where the regions of Middle Kingdom, Perrigor, and Tor Carrock border.

The Circle of Five in the Lore of Illyria

As powerful practitioners of magic the Circle is one of the most important centres of power and influence in Illyria. Their observations and announcements are important keys to understanding the world. They have sometimes been the motivating factor behind Tournaments declared by King Sigurd, and have even proclaimed a tournament in their own name. They are not to be challenged lightly...

The magical powers of the Circle are such that they have left their mark on the world quite litterally, as both The Rift in Ursor and the cursed Swamp of Fyrgis in Wolgast are known to result in some way from magical doings in which the Circle or mages close to it were involved.


None seen

Position and Relationships

Trade Hubs
Region Hub Name Location
Middle Kingdom Aqua


Perrigor Aeris






Tor Carrock Terra


Racial Standings
Race Standing
Humans 0
Elves 0
Dwarves 0
Orcs 0

Default Faction Standings
Faction Default Standing
Council of Illyria30Friendly
all others0Neutral