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Commanders are normal units which have been promoted to allow assigning them as division leaders in an army. Commanders gain experience and at each new level can upgrade attributes which improve either their personal performance or that of the division they lead. Each army must have at least one division with a commander assigned in order to execute orders.

Each city can promote up to five commanders from their stock of regular units. However, each one requires reaching a new barracks level and new research item.

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Don't rush to promote your first commander. You only get five and won't want one made from an inferior or poorly-suited unit. It is generally advisable to lead divisions of certain unit types with a commander of the same type, and only in special cases should you promote a basic unit. One notable such case is for Swiftsteed armies, where Swiftsteeds are the fastest unit in the game and shouldn't be led by a commander that slows them down.