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Nature Races

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Nature is the race of critters in Illyraid. All non-sentient species fall in this race category which encompasses alligators to polar bears to wolves. These races are not playable, hire-able, nor involved in factions. The units of these races are classed as one or more of the various classes of units (spear, infantry, ranged, cavalry) with most (but not all) utilizing spear units as the lowest level units while some have only a single unit class (Elephants are all cavalry). Typically, within a race, each level of unit is stronger than the previous level of the race's unit, while the class of the unit may change or stay the same as they advance in level. Also typically a camp of critters will contain a decreasing amount of a specific level of unit as the level of the unit advances.

See Unit Size Table for a chart of the amount of critters that may be in the camp.

From statements by GM:s and player experiments, it seems clear that while player interaction with animals will influence migration patterns, and may cause animals to stray from their normal habitats, the game will compensate for attempts to exterminate or reduce certain animals through hunting. At present migration patterns have not been explaied, other than being governed by biome and terrain preferences. Animal groups will grow in numbers if circumstances arefavorable to them, but have not responded to any attempts by players to feed them using any resources. It also seems certain animals will move in order to attack or avoid certain other animals, according to set preferences. If two groups of different animals (or animals and a player's forces) meet on one square there will be a fight between them, resolved as a regular game battle, resulting in the destruction of one unit and appropriate casualties in the other, with hides and rare animal parts being dropped on the square. Resources dropped in this way will remain for seven days before decaying beyond usefulness.


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Alligators Small AlligatorSwamp GatorRazor-Toothed AlligatorBone CrusherN/A
Anacondas Green AnacondaYellow AnacondaDark-Spotted AnacondaGiant AnacondaN/A
Arctic Wolves Arctic WolfpupAdolescent Polar WolfFrost WolfPermafrost Alpha WolfN/A
Baboons Young BaboonAdult BaboonAggressive BaboonSacred BaboonN/A
Black Bears Black Bear CubAdolescent Short-Faced BearAdult Black BearMoon BearN/A
Black Panthers Ferocious Black PantherSnarling PantherTerritorial PantherMassive Black PantherN/A
Brown Bears Bear CubAdolescent GrizzlyEnraged KodiakAdult GrizzlyN/A
Cobras Small CobraLarge CobraSpitting CobraNajaN/A
Coral Snakes Small Cobra (coral)Banded Coral SnakeYellow Coral SnakeThornscrub Coral SnakeN/A
Cyclopes Argeian CyclopsBrontian CyclopsSteropean CyclopsPolyphemian CyclopsN/A
Elephants Young ElephantAdult ElephantBull ElephantElder ElephantN/A
Fire Salamanders Small Fire SalamanderLarge Fire SalamanderSpitting Fire SalamanderGreater Fire SalamanderN/A
Gharials SnaptoothSpindly GharialVicious GharialBrooding GharialN/A
Giant Beetles Swarming GreenbackTeeming BeetleVenomous BeetleGiant BeetleN/A
Giant Rats RatlingRatDiseased RatElder BuckN/A
Giant Scorpions ScorpionAdult ScorpionBarbed ScorpionPredatory ScorpionN/A
Giant Scuttlers ScuttlerAdult ScuttlerRavenous ScuttlerElder ScuttlerN/A
Giant Snakes Adolescent SerpentAdult SerpentSpitterDeathbiteElder Serpent
Giant Spiders Adolescent Giant SpiderGiant SpiderSpitting SpiderElder Giant SpiderGreater Spinner
Golden Monkeys Young Golden MonkeyAdult Golden MonkeyCunning Golden MonkeyGolden Monkey ElderN/A
Ice Salamanders Small Ice SalamanderLarge Ice SalamanderSpitting Ice SalamanderGreater Ice SalamanderN/A
Jaguars Jaguar CubAdolescent JaguarAdult JaguarElder JaguarN/A
Leopards Leopard CubYoung LeopardFully Grown LeopardElder LeopardN/A
Lions Lion CubAdolescent LionAdult LionLong-Maned LionN/A
Mammoths Young MammothAdult MammothEnraged TuskerElder TuskerN/A
Massive Scarabs Small ScarabAgressive ScarabAdult ScarabElder ScarabN/A
Poisonous Crawlers Small Poisonous CrawlerAdult CrawlerSpitting CrawlerCrawler QueenN/A
Polar Bears Polar Bear CubAdolescent Polar BearNanuqIsbjørnN/A
Pumas Adolescent PumaWiry PumaMuscular PumaPuma LeaderN/A
Rhinoceros Rhino CalfEnraged RhinoAdult Black RhinoAdult White RhinoN/A
Roaming Trolls Young TrollTroll WandererTroll DevourerHunting TrollN/A
Salamanders Small SalamanderLarge SalamanderSpitting SalamanderGreater SalamanderN/A
Saurians Spike-Backed SaurianLong-Necked SaurianSaurian RaptorSaurian LordN/A
Scaled Chargers Scaled ChargerArmoured ChargerHeavy ChargerLightning ChargerN/A
Scritchers Small ScritcherAdult ScritcherTaloned ScritcherElder ScritcherN/A
Simien Wolves Adolescent WolfAdult WolfSnarling WolfSimien Wolfpack LeaderN/A
Snow Leopards Snow Leopard CubAdolescent Snow LeopardAdult Snow LeopardElder Snow LeopardN/A
Tigers Tiger CubAdolescent TigerAdult TigerElder Amur TigerN/A
White Tigers White Tiger CubAdolescent White TigerAdult White TigerElder White TigerN/A
Wild Dogs Adolescent Wild DogWild DogRabid HoundPack LeaderN/A
Wolves WolfpupGrey WolfWhite WolfAlpha WolfWolfpack Leader

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