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Diplomatic Visibility

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Diplomatic Visibility is the radius of visibility and detection for a city, sovereignty structures, or diplomatic units. Within this radius sizes of armies including NPCs are roughly known. Outside of this radius foreign diplomatic units are invisible, and army sizes are unknown.


The diplomatic visibility of a city consists of a 5 square base amount plus 0.5 squares per level of the Consulate. It can be further expanded 2 squares for the Inquisitive Populace discovery plus a percentile increase with one or more Foreign Offices. The total warning radius for a Consulate at level 20 with the Inquisitive Populace discovery is 5+20×0.5+2=17 squares, and one Foreign Office at level 20 increases this radius by 20×10% = 200% to 51 squares.

Sovereignty Structures

The visibility for sovereignty structures is 0.5 squares per level of the claim plus 0.5 squares per level of the structure for a maximum of 5×0.5+5×0.5=5 squares. Typically the diplomatic visibility of the city overlaps the visibility of its nearby sovereignty claims.

Diplomatic Units

Most diplomatic units have their own visibility radius depending on the type and race of the unit. The visibility ranges of any diplomatic units present in a city are dwarfed by the city's base visibility. Armies with a diplomatic contingent have a diplomatic visibility equivalent to the largest radius of any diplomatic units in the contingent.

Vision ranges
Diplomatic visibility (squares)
Diplomatic Visibility
Scouts Spies
Dwarf 1.74.4 2.74.2
Elf 1.62.8 1.64.2
Human 1.94.1 2.63.6
Orc 2.94.0 2.93.0