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Elgea:Dark Blight/History

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Dark Blight: History

The story of Dark Blight

Uuntaar and Jargas, two fellows of like mind, chose a place in Lucerna to raise their banner. They looked around and understood that all alliances were the same, all of them unwilling to create war. Therefore, in 281, 172 they chose to create a war guild known as Dark Blight. Burning Hate would be their capital. Instantly, followers came into the ranks. Xerkael, an elf magician. Jrtheman, a human knight. XcerberusX, an orcish commander. LadyBreni, a dwarf woman possessing a mighty hammer layered in sorcery and the skill to use it. Uuntaar was well pleased with his followers, particularly with Jargas and XcerberusX. But unknown to Uuntaar, Jrtheman did not have the right frame of mind that was needed to be one of the Horde. He feared the ruthlessness of true soldiers like Uuntaar. He was not a an who was suited for war. With interesting curiosity, at a similar time to the rise of the Dark Blight another guild rose in Lucerna, led by a Knight who had taken the somewhat supercilious title of Lionheart the Brave. He formed the Brotherhood of Knights, an alliance for the pursuit of the righteousness. He gathered his own recruits, soldiers such as Alesayr and Jack Aubrey. Dark Blight personally disliked this guild, but Uuntaar had more on his mind than these men. Jrtheman, however, did not. He saw the guild and knew that his moment of betrayal was near. He fled the Dark Blight and joined the Brotherhood. Hostilities began quickly afterwards. The war was long, the war was bitter. The Brotherhood had more supporters, and soon Uuntaar was beat into submission. However he quickly gathered new recruits, soldiers like Shrea, Metallicus and myself, Nokigon Cediris. Together we attacked once more, and this time it was the Brotherhood who fell before the swords. However, the Brotherhood had, in their short time in Illyriad, managed to gather powerful friends. An alliance that was greater in numbers than the two alliances put together took pity on the brotherhood. The Calaquendi answered the call, and peace was forced upon them both. Uuntaar stayed in his capital, thirsting for revenge. The opportunity came quicker than expected. Jack Aubrey, the greatest knight of the Brotherhood, left the war and the Calaquendi judged their work to be done. Soon, the hordes of Dark Blight had destroyed the towns of their ex-comrade, Jrtheman, and slain his comrades. Dark Blight had won their first war. They looked eagerly for another.

They got it- and quickly. AmrothAnguireal and his brother ThingelloAnguireal came to the world of Illyriad with a pack of followers. They were weak, but when a dwarf follower of the Blight who went by the name of Antoninius raided the village of LeanderAnguireal, a follower of the clan, the Elves demanded compensation. The Lords of Dark Blight laughed, and commenced hostilities. Angered by this, the Anguireals made a brave but foolish decision to declare war upon the far more powerful Dark Blight, and their comrades-in-arms, the Unified Orc Scourge. To call it a war would, in fact, be over estimating the fight. A war implies two vaguely equal forces. This fight was a slaughter. No matter what the Elves tried, they couldn’t stop the hordes of DB from butchering their armies, one by one. And then, almost all of the hordes were destroyed by the Gods of Illyriad for multi-accounting. Only Amroth, Thingello and a couple of followers remained. They fled and made an alliance called the ETERNAL CHAMPIONS. The Hordes of Dark Blight laughed, but they had far bigger problems.

Their allied guild, US, had recently gone through a traumatic time following the death of Grog, but a recent development made the situation twice as bad. The Mal Motshans, a bullying and threatening guild made up by a series of multi-accounts led by Nige had noticed the orcs. They threatened US with one deadly and difficult decision. Join or be put to the sword. US could not stand for this, but they were not powerful enough to fight them alone. Nor were Dark Blight, come to that. But the world of Illyria would NOT stand for this, and the greatest war of the history of Illyria began. Dark Blight were the first to answer the call of US, and immediately attacked yoshitribes. Dwarven Lords came next, and flung their forces upon the armies of Juno. Wolves of the Plains and Goonies came forth, and attacked The Mal Mothsans. Finally Harmless rose, and the war began. Dark Blight, US, Harmless, Dwarven Lords, WOTP and Goonies smashed the armies of the Mal Motshans and burnt their cities in only 14 short days. The tyrants were slain, slain running from the sinking ship that was the Mal Motshans. For the first time, Dark Blight’s prowess in battle was acknowledged by the other alliances. They were now far more powerful than ever before.

The biggest war ever in the history of DB began in December. Following an attack upon the Calaquendi in revenge for the BOK War, war began on Christmas Day. The Lords of Dark Blight eagerly charged to battle. The tables had turned considerably since the BOK war. Now, superior forces and planning meant that the Calaquendi were soon losing the war. But unknown to the Warriors of Dark Blight, Cala had recently accepted a long-standing offer from the Crows, arguably the greatest alliance in Illyriad due to their sister alliances, to join the ranks of the Crows. And the Crows, particularly Crows Beak, considered Cala’s (now Calaquendi Crow, or Calcr) war their own. Dark Blight were forced back. Such was the ferocity possessed by the Crows that many great warriors were slain. Metallicus. Uuntaar. Lady breni. Antoninius. All of these warriors left the world of Illyriad in the face of the great assault. Uuntaar remained long enough only to sign the peace treaty, which was that an NAP shall be signed with all of the Crows, with Calaquendi and Crows Beak receiving an Escrow of 1 million gold. And after this Uuntaar never returned from the land of Illyria. For the first time, Dark Blight had lost a war. In the face of this many more left, until the forces of Dark Blight were led by xCerberusx. Serving under him was Aberdon, a great warrior, along with Belthazor, myself, Vertigo, Viswanathan, Carl Zeis and a large amount of other warriors. But in the period of time that Dark Blight could have re-joined the world with new strength, and quite possibly with a far less aggressive outlook, a new war was sparked that spelled the end of the great alliance. Amroth Anguireal could hold a grudge. Barely two weeks after the Signing of the NAPs, attacks began against members of the Dark Blight such as Andycapp and Aberdon. War was declared. The fighting was long, the fighting was bitter. Slowly, one by one, the remaining warriors of Dark Blight fell. Baldrick, Viswanathan, even xCerberusx- especially when LWO joined the war, Dark Blight died. Inactivity slew them all. Finally, after nearly four months of war Carl Zeis stood. He said one word. “Enough.” Carl Zeis and I planned a move of alliance, led by his alt. We gave an offer to the entire alliance, the ones which were still alive. It was bleak. “This once great alliance is a graveyard. There are barely 5 people still alive here. Nokigon, Vertigo, Belthazor and I plan to move to the Cave of Knowledge, an alliance led by me through my alt. All of you may come with me, and I hope you will do just that. Thank you.” Sityviper, Vertigo, Belthazor, Carl Zeis and I all went over immediately. Carl Zeis recruited new players, foremost amongst which were Luc_ and Makanalani. Soon, Gracen came through, bringing with him Big Casino and Tarquinious. Metalman came next, and then Rashaverak. Hope ignited in the hearts of the ex-Dark Blight soldiers. Finally Urgorr the Old, a new recruit came through, then Ciku, Warrrgh Boss, Pawdit2004, SailMaster, jshaggy, Aegrus, El papa, AlphonseEric, PhilBurt, Dain Ironfoot and Roes. Out of these, only three left the alliance. Dain Ironfoot was offered a place in Dlords, and left with good grace. Warrgh Boss left to form his own alliance, a sister alliance to FDU. And Aegrus left after the discovery of a spy in our ranks, with an out-of-context chatlog being posted on the forums. The true identity of the spy has never been discovered, although no other logs have been posted since then. But during the influx of new recruits, the veterans of Dark Blight watched Aberdon joined a sister alliance of the ETERNAL CHAMPIONS, who along with Aberdon’s new alliance LostSoulsDeliverance (LSD) started to burn the cities of DB. Unable to defend their lost comrades, for fear of starting another war, the Cave could only capture their comrade’s cities themselves, lest they be burnt. Dark Blight was finished, and alone amongst the world the Cave remembered them with fondness. They now look to the world, with a new sheet turned. The principles of DB were gone, all Cave wanted to do was to protect their members and enjoy the game. They had seen the realities of war, far more so than possibly anyone else. They wanted none of it.

--Nokigon 10:37, 10 July 2011 (ADT)