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Elgea:Dwarven in-law

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We are Dwarven in-Law: dwarves, elves, men and orcs. Different blood may flow through our veins, but in battle, it will flow together. We were born under the same earth as the Dwarven Lords. We warmed our young bones around the same fire and grew strong on the same meat. Now we are sent out into the world to find our way, to become strong and to become wise: to become warriors.

Sent with the blessing of the families we were leaving, it is time for us to make our presence known. We hold tight to those we left; we are hewn of the same stone and the call of the king that shakes the mountains still quake in us. Though we left as dwarves, we now embrace others whose paths coincide with ours. We ask not treasure or subjugation, only allegiance to this new tribe and to those we love.

We welcome peace with those who seek peace and to whom peace is due.

To those who seek war, we welcome you as well, worthy adversary...for our blades are sharp.

Titles of the Alliance:

   Grand Master - Founder of the Alliance - Lord Finwë Aldaríon
   Seneschal - Co-Founder of the Alliance - Lady Nienor
   High Premin - Head of the Mage Caste - Lady Berylla; Lady Susan Calvin
   Marshal -   Head of the Warrior Caste - Lord GNU the Stomper
   Templar - Head of the Intelligence Caste - Lord Finwë Aldaríon
   Merchant - Head of the Guild Caste - Lord Ferog Hammerhand
   Recruiter - Runesmith Mysthawk 

Castes of the Alliance:

   Warrior Caste
   Intelligence Caste
   Guild Caste
   Mage Caste
   Peasant Caste (Civilians) 


DiL is currently recruiting. This is of course, subject to change. Any and all players are welcome, as long as they are willing to contribute to the alliance and follow the rules and guidelines set out below.


I. Conduct

1. Always be respectful, even if the other party doesn’t deserve it.

2. Address all people of rank with their proper titles in In Game Mails (IGM), whether in our alliance or not. If no title is known, simply address them as “Lord” or “Lady”. If you are on friendly terms, informal messages are of course in order.

3. Visit the Alliance Chat (AC) often, we’d love to talk with you and see how we can help. Please keep it clean and polite.

4. Do not steal, via diplomatic units, from alliance members nor do we send spies and scouts to alliance members without their prior approval.

5. Once joined the Alliance, no resource begging or request of help is allowed in Global Chat (GC).

II. Combat

1. Under no circumstances do we permit attack of people who are in an alliance (or aligned) unless authorization is given by the Grand Master, or Council's members.

2. Under no circumstances do we send diplomatic missions (ANY diplomatic units) against alliance/aligned townships without prior authorization.

3. Under no circumstances do we attack ‘active’ towns that are lvl 1 and under, unless it is an additional town of another player (2nd, 3rd, 4th).

4. It is permissible to attack any towns lvl 2 or higher that is inactive at any given time. Remember to follow the rules for determining if a player is inactive. (See section IV. Definitions)

5. When attacking an active person, make sure you do not take on more than you can handle. Thus send out spies and scouts to make sure you can deal with the player. If you incite aggression you will have to deal with the consequences, so be careful what you do.

6. If the town you are attacking [or another town] requests you to stop aggression, do so: cease immediately.

7. If you get attacked, inform anyone present on AC and write an IGM to the Council’s members. If possible, do not retaliate at once - unless for defence - give the Council time to clear up the issue.

III. Gameplay

1. Respond to any Alliance IGM that requests information.

2. Help out if and when you can, as requests are made. Contribution to the Alliance stockpile is voluntarily, only Guild members are required to contribute according to their rank.

3. Help with military endeavors if possible, but not required unless you are in the Warrior Caste.

4. If you ‘think’ you might be out for 3 days or more, select someone in the alliance to be your sitter. No one from outside the alliance is permitted to be your sitter. If you do not set a sitter there can be consequences for extended absence.

5. If you are out for more than 10 days, your rank will be set to rogue/thief status. If your rank has been set to ‘rogue/thief’ simply go your Caste forums and re-apply for your new rank.

6. If you are out for more than 20 days, you will be removed from the alliance and as an inactive your township may be used to mine for resources. If you have been removed due to inactivity, you may request readmission to the alliance.

7. No one shall have an alternate in this server that is in another Alliance unless authorized!

Consequences for violating the Rules, for spying and foul play, will be severe, including the immediate removal from the Alliance and the systematic deleveling and capturing of all towns, leaving only the main town with a population of less than 300, with non-stop raiding and military attacks. IV. Regarding land, tiles and Sovereignty

DiL would like to declare publicly its stance regarding land, tiles, and Sovereignty, in the intent of keeping things amicable between us and other parties. While there is not a ‘set’ 10 square rule regarding cities DiL has chosen to embrace this rule (with modification).

The Dwarven in-law lay the right of claim upon all 10 squares around any of our cities (10 squares refer to the same as in the Rules for moving cities whether magical or relocating - a circle with a 10 radius - see the IMAGE) as a ‘general’ ownership. If the distance exceeds the round number of 10, the square is considered outside the radius. So 10,1 square far is outside the radius.

The game mechanics itself acknowledges this area as ‘potentially’ being a players land by right of presence and potential usage. As such, if a person tries to move a town to near another that is not allied with it, the game will not let you.

Defining the term ‘general’ simply refers to what is claimed as DiL land though not yet sov'ed, but acknowledges that some of this land can also be given away at the owner or alliances discretion and therefore ownership is defined as ‘general’.

Thus here are our rules regarding land disputes and actions upon said lands:

1. The first 5 squares (as for the 10 square rule, it is considered a circle with a 5 radius) around a DiL town is our sole property and will not be considered in negotiations for land or sov rights, including via Exodus. ALL land, sovs and harvestables within the 5 sqrs are off limits and soley DiL property. The squares 6-10 are open to negotiations but no action, sov implementation, nor shall any troops may be upon DiL territory without ‘prior’ authorization. Any such action, settlement, or armies claiming / counter-claiming, et al.. will be removed immediately.

1a. However, if our 10 square, via Exodus or settlement, encroaches upon anothers 10 square who was there first, we yield to their territoy up to the extent of our 5 squares around our towns, and anything more we must request permission for, just as they do with us. We view the 5 squares as absolute dominion of DiL territory. If someone is allowed, via permission of the residing DiL (this is exceedingly rare), to move closer than 6 squares, ONLY the tile or tiles they request are given and their 5 tile dominion begin at the edge of the DiL 5 squares and not inside it with the exception of tiles given by the DiL member.

1b. To negotiate land, sov rights or harvestables within the 10 square area (including the 5 square radius), simply mail the person to whom the land belongs, a courtesy mail, explaining what you would ‘like to do’, and he or she will get back with you, or one of the Council (this is an extreme case, as the land in question could have specific current or future value to the alliance and not just the person in question). For those who land 'already' overlaps ours (and to whom does it actually belong) again, goes back to simply talking it out with the person.

In all truth, this is not extreme but a setting forth of a common courtesy we would like from Illy community toward us, as we intend it toward them in like manner. We respond well to politeness and etiquette, however to threats and or demands you will not find us obliging.

IV. Inactives

A player is considered inactive if: 1) you have not received any answer from the 2 different messages (IGMs) sent to the player in 5 days. One of the message must state your intentions. 2) no population growth in 5 days. 3) if, in the last month, the player was part of an alliance, send a message to its leadership to ask for permission.

The first 2 points must be met and proved in case the player shows up lately.

Furthermore, all actions must be immediately stopped in case the player becomes active and asks to stop.

The above is subject to change at DiL’s behest to add to, modify, or remove any subject or action we deem necessary.

Thank you for reading this.

The DiL Council