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Elgea:Free Defense Union

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Free Defense Union

The Free Defense Union is a training alliance or mutual trade and defense created by the well-respected player, Shrapnel, may he rest in peace.

We welcome new players who want to start playing the game without being bullied by the more established players. We also offer help in learning how to play the game. New players can feel free to use this alliance as a stepping stone to move to other alliances that may more closely match your playing style.

All alliance-related matters of importance, as well as trade matters, to be addressed to one of the following players: Rohk, JCD64, or Siro.

All peaceful diplomatic offers, NAP requests and the like should be addressed to one of the following players: Danos, Valerie Raa or Jikeltine


We are recruiting on a limited basis as we have a few spots open. Please send a message requesting an invite to JCD64, Siro, or Rohk.

We will be glad to review and accept applications. Please note, we give preference to players of a lower population level or new players.


The Free Defense Union has a strict policy of non-aggression. Members cannot engage in acts of aggression (including military, diplomatic and magic) against other players. Those that do so deliberately will not remain members. We also do not shelter aggressors.

We also have a strict policy of neutrality and seek to remain out of major conflicts if at all possible to protect our members.

While we are not aggressive, we will defend ourselves if attacked.

We do not allow players to have two accounts in FDU at the same time. This is because we want to allow as many new players as possible to learn the game in FDU. If you have an alt and want to join training alliances with a similar experience to being in FDU, we recommend our sister alliances, SMA and ITG.


We have two sister alliances, Shrap's Memorial Academy (SMA) and the Illy Training Ground (ITG). Feel free to apply to them if we are not recruiting and you want the peaceful training alliance experience.


Coming Soon...