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'Harmless is an alliance of mature strategy players and online gamers. Sharing a long and colorful history, Harmless? members value solidarity through kinship and mutual respect. Where possible, we happily extend these values beyond our borders. He who would speak, speak well and be heard. He who would act, act well or face correction.

Our goals are to thrive in harmony with those who would welcome us, conquer those who would not, set higher standards for skill and integrity, and bring P.E.A.C.E. to the heathens. We enjoy long walks in the mountains, showing new players how the West was tamed, drinking the blood of our enemies, and mature conversation. Turn-offs are intentionally sloppy grammar, boasting, bullying, and weak attempts at psychological or social manipulation.

Regarding our relationship with White, some history.


Harmless members are active, alert, well-spoken, cooperative and supportive. Harmless is currently open to limited recruiting and will consider strong applicants. Applicants must have a 4 city minimum and reasonable military to be considered. Harmless require a high level of dedication to our alliance from each and every member and this means we expect that each Player's "Main" account should be in Harmless and preferably both Main and Alt for those who have two accounts.

Please contact our recruiter, Llyorn of Jaensch, if you wish to be considered. Please understand that we cannot promise to respond to every applicant.

Our sister Toothless? is a neutral training-oriented alliance and is actively recruiting new peaceful members. Contact LadyLuvs if you think our family would be a good fit for you. Marsupials and mollusks need not apply.


Harmless adheres to the de-facto standard 10-square rule. To avoid unnecessary conflicts, players who wish to move their cities or settle new ones within 10 squares of an existing Harmless city should contact the owner of the existing city and a Harmless Director or Diplomat prior to initiating the move. Any player who does not acquire the appropriate permissions in advance may be subject to having the new/relocated city removed by force.

Harmless holds a "minimal ties" policy with regard to inter-alliance treaties. New diplomatic ties will not be forged except with alliances who are comparable in size, strength, and/or goals to ourselves, in close proximity to us, and already enjoying strong friendly relations. When we do establish inter-alliance ties, our treaty agreements respect each party's solidarity, internal sovereignty, and continued independence. Alliances wishing to forge tighter relationships with us should start by establishing a presence in our Embassy with representatives from their leadership and members alike. Silent diplomatic offers shall be silently ignored.

All players in Illyriad are welcomed to join us in the Embassy at our external forums, After siging up an account there using the exact same username as in-game, contact HonoredMule or Starry for account authorization and appropriate access based on alliance membership. Participating alliances will each be granted private subforums where their leadership can speak with our own in confidence. Wherever possible, Harmless conducts all foreign business and handles all foreign issues through our Embassy. We are internally led (essentially) as an oligarchy, and as such are best able to address and resolve any issues when foreign parties do us the courtesy of registering for and using our Embassy. This facilitates shorter response times and granular privacy on all negotiations. Alliances may designate as many leaders as desired to be their emissaries, so that response times can short in both directions and so that our guests may negotiate on equal footing with as many participants as we employ.


As an alliance, Harmless seeks to be fair and reasonable in all its dealings wherever possible, and to foster good will with any who would do the same:

  • Harmless does not generally condone actions against active, neutral players—especially smaller players. However, our members may conduct operations at their individual discretion. Where discretion is lacking, the target of these hostilities may have political recourse.
  • Subjects of Harmless hostility not officially sanctioned may be protected by cease-and-decist orders and/or entitled to restitution at the discretion of our Diplomats or Directors. Instigators of such hostility deemed to have acted in bad faith or contrary to our rules of conduct may face punishment ranging from restitution to expulsion, also at our Diplomats' or Directors' discretion.
  • Unprovoked attacks against any Harmless member shall face the full support of this alliance and shall be sustained until such time as equitable resolution is achieved. Any attack against a Harmless member not preceded by grievance filed through diplomatic channels may be treated as unprovoked and exempt from liability of any Harmless member, regardless of prior actions.
  • Harmless considers any and all diplomatic missions against its membership as hostile behavior and reserves the right to respond entirely out of proportion to the instigating event.
  • Alliances often declare or instigate wars without consulting or informing its members, who often have no knowledge of why they are at conflict or expected to fight. Any such member who remains completely neutral by not attacking, performing diplomatic missions, or supporting other members of their alliance who do, shall be deemed neutral and may be granted asylum, on a case-by-case basis. Any member caught supporting hostilities shall be deemed an active target and treated as such with extreme prejudice.

If you have grievance against Harmless or some of its members, or find yourself entrenched in a conflict you cannot handle or did not provoke, please first attempt a direct resolution through communication. It is our sincere hope that doing so shall bring the most amicable and timely resolution possible. If no satisfactory resolution is forthcoming, further options are available: if you are a member of an alliance, reaching us through your alliance representative on our Embassy is preferred. If you are a lone player or Embassy access is not an option for you, you may instead speak directly with one of our Diplomats:

We shall endeavor to hear and fairly mediate any disputes as we are able. But be forewarned: we shall judge and treat you as we see you judge and treat others. Players and alliances who bypass our Embassy unnecessarily can also expect reduced priority due to the internal overhead this creates for us.