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Harmless: Achievements - History - Treaties


Tournament Victories

Tournament I: Hold the Flags!

  • Achieved 1st place on 3 of 8 tournament squares.
  • Awarded 1st place overall with 95d 16hr 28m 49s total occupation time, more than double 2nd place's time.
  • Victory in the first ever server tournament was commemorated by an obelisk placed at (-282|-511).

Tournament II: Bloodthirst for Knowledge

Tournament IV: The Undead Horde

  • League A (pop 100k+): 3rd place by torshavn.
  • League B (pop 50-100k): 1st place by Silverlake, 2nd place by Createure.
  • League C (pop 20-50k): 3rd place by Nightfury.
  • League D (pop 5-20k): 2nd place by Arthurian, 3rd place by Grisna.
  • League F (pop 500-2k): 2nd place by Sansoran.
  • ...and scores of Harmless members in the top 20 of every rank (exact figures no longer available).

Tournament V: 2nd Anniversary

  • Achieved 1st place on 12 of 37 tournament squares (Azura, Farra Isle, Kumala, Lan Larosh, Qarosslan, Ragallon, Rill Archipelago, Stormstone Island, Tallimar, Tor Carrock, Ursor and Windlost).
  • Awarded 1st place overall with 224d 17hr 20m total occupation time, well over double 2nd place's time.
  • Victory was (not exclusively) commemorated by a monument at (-520|-813).

Largest Occupation by a Single Alliance

On March 15th, 2012 at 20:42:57, Harmless set the record for the largest occupation on a single square during Tournament V, fielding over 625 thousand units.

Strength Report
Rate of gold consumption
Expressed in units per hour
Gold per Hour
Fighting strength when on the offensive
Fighting strength when on the defensive
Fighting strength when on the defensive
Rate of movement speed
Expressed in tiles per hour
Tiles per Hour
Carrying Capacity
Units of loot or cargo this unit can carry
Carrying Capacity
Defense vs Cavalry
Cavalry Defense
Defense vs Spearmen
Spear Defense
Defense vs Ranged Units
Ranged Defense
Defense vs Infantry
Infantry Defense
631,3501,785,45218,812,071 14,756,01117,745,84216,814,36417,564,269 17,234,709.75522,163,39238,076,258.75

The above figures do not include commanders nor any non-standard military units (such as Scrawny Wolves or Elementals. The record was achieved at -166|-199 on the tournament square for Tor Carrock.