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Harmless was the very first alliance founded in the game (note alliance ID 1), and was started by Kumomoto. He later brought his friends who were members of the diggik alliance from Inselkampf (a very slow, simple, and now dead browser-based game) into the game, who—rather than starting their own alliance—merged with Kumomoto's alliance. This original group of members had been playing Inselkampf for several years together, and pooled their combined skills and mutual experiences into building their vision of a successful and honorable alliance loosely modeled after diggik.

Through the same relationships that brought Harmless's original members and leaders together, we also heard of a proactively disruptive force getting an equally early start in the game, by the name of Jonny 101. He was later discovered to be Diablito who sabotaged the alliance he was in to create White, the first mercenary alliance. Regarding our early relationship with White, some history.

White was obviously defeated, and much has also happened since then. But that is a story for another day.