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Elgea:Night Squires

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From the Night Squires in-game profile page:


Membership in Night Squires [~NS~] is open to new players wishing to grow their cities while growing their military knowledge, small established players who have a few cities and would like to start exploring the military aspects in the game, and any established player that would like to expand their military experience.

It is the goal of the Night Squires to provide an atmosphere of experimentation and creativity. While members will be encouraged to become familiar with established military techniques the emphasis will be on discovery by doing. Members will have the chance to do ‘battle’ against other alliances or, at times, the alliance will split and fight itself.

When a member is ready they can move on to another alliance. Assistance in finding a good alliance is available.

Members should expect to log on daily and participate in conversations and training exercises. If you do not plan on participating, there is no point in joining.

Member troops will be used for organized exercises. Unauthorized attacks and initiating PvP situations should wait until you find a permanent alliance. However, if a member of Night Squires should be attacked we will turn it into a training exercise for the alliance.

Trade between members is encouraged; this is not an alliance where everything will be handed to you. Members will need to look at what they can produce to offer for trade with fellow members. New players will have a brief grace period while they establish themselves.

If you would like to join the Night Squires or would like to know more information about them please send an IGM to Myr.

If you are having issues with a member or have a question about diplomacy please IGM Mad Cow

Watch our recruitment video here!

Here at NS we have teamed up with a couple other alliances to start producing crafted items at a faster rate. There are many benefits to having the crafters from a few alliances come together and work as a team so you get more done and have a variety going at any given time. If you would like to learn more about this team effort please send me an IGM.

Minister of Commerce: Mad Cow

Our traders are very good at finding good deals on items and will sell at a fair price, or if you cant seem to find that certian item they will gladly help.