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Faction Standing

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Factions have fluid relationships with both players and other factions. Interaction with nearby players and factions will alter their attitude toward them and consequently their behavior. Faction attitudes are affected by recent activities of the other party, that party's alliance if in one, and that party's standings with other factions that this one likes or dislikes. However, it also trends toward a default stance as actions that affected it fade into distant memory.

At its core, faction standing is a value from -100 to +100 with 0 being neutral. A faction reacts to parties with a certain standing as follows:

At present, attacking a faction's units will not cause the player's standing to drop, however, this may change when the new Faction AI comes out.

Faction Attitudes and Behavior based on Standing
Standing Values Reaction
Kindred +90 May join on aggressive missions
Supportive +75 May assist nearby cities under siege
Welcoming +50 May join nearby camps
Open +35 Will offer faction quests
Friendly +1 to +35 Trades at discount prices (sliding scale)
Neutral 0 No special treatment
Unfriendly -1 to -35 Trades at inflated prices (sliding scale)
Closed -35 Will not trade
Hostile -50 May attack nearby camps
War -75 Will actively destroy nearby cities
Genocidal <-90 Will seek out and destroy all