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Feint Attack

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Feint Attack is the military stratagem allowing players to fake direct attacks on locations.

Once available, players are able to use this stratagem by launching any army with Attack orders and checking an additional box marked "Feint." When used, the army will proceed as with a normal attack, save that it will stop at its destination and return without engaging the enemy.


  • At present, it is not possible to see how large a traveling army might be on the world map, so there is value in sending feint attacks composed of token forces.
  • Players are able to determine the composition of attacks based on their speed. This in turn means that if you want a player to believe you are attacking with siege engines, for example, then you should have a siege engine in the army to appropriately reduce its travel speed.
  • It is possible to see the composition of a currently traveling army by successfully scouting the city that launched it using advanced scouts.