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Fellandire covers roughly 140,930 square miles. It is located on the eastern coast of The Broken Lands. Fellandire has many broad plains especially near the coast. There is a large mountain range in the south and a good sized forest in the north.

Registry of Mines

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Registry of Rare Herbs

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There is believed to be 488 towns supporting a population of 3,310,466. The oldest city is Udinshaven founded August 21, 2010. The largest city is Zlatlan with a population of 31,660.

Race Population
Human 1,042,657
Elf 756,272
Dwarf 657,624
Orc 853,913


There are 31 alliances in Fellandire. There are 40 towns with a population of 92,138 that are unaffiliated.

Top 5 Alliances Population
The Hashashin 1,458,565
Infamy 490,161
The Saints 346,936
The Southern Cross 257,234
House Stark 221,009

Alliance Capital
The Southern Cross Matsushiro Castle
The Hashashin 1. Terror and Hubris
House Stark Winterfell


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