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Fortune Teller

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The Fortune Teller is a mystery that appears on the map in 4 locations that change daily at 0:00. The Fortune Teller can only be visited once per day per player across all locations. Sending Diplomats triggers a response that can change based on chance and/or research complete in the unit's home town.

This is the message after the first visit per account per day 'The fortune teller shoos you away with her hands. "Stop pestering us", she says. "We have nothing more to say to you today."'.



The gypsy fortune-teller tells your Scouts: "You will go on a long journey, and meet many new people. You should look to stone for secrets, and you should never trust tall, dark strangers, especially in dark alleys."

The fortune teller smiles grimly. "So, your troops are looking for a challenge, are they? The dead speak. And one of the names on their lips is the army '<arrmy_name>' belonging to <town_name>. Legendary, they call it. Now begone!


The gypsy fortune-teller tells your Spies: "You are clearly intelligent, witty, and insightful. In the past, you have not been used to your full potential. In the future, your wits could be put to a wider variety of uses."

alternate (?requires some amount of trade research?)
"Clay! Clay... I tell you, thrice Clay! Bury the newcomers in Clay!"
She falls silent and speaks nothing further, staring wildly into a clay-filled abyss that only she - and some other poor unfortunates - can see.

alternate (requires all Crafting research ?and at least one normal spy mission?)
The fortune teller's eyes go wide. "I see you... And I see your exceedingly skilled crafters. Wait a moment." She pauses in meditation, for what seems like hours, before suddenly jerking her head up and looking directly into your spies' eyes.
(Human) "You seek to learn the mystery of Master-Crafted Chainmail.
(Dwarf) "You seek to learn the mystery of Dwarven Champion's Armour.
(Orc) "You seek to learn the mystery of Orc Marauder's Sword.
(Elf) "You seek to learn the mystery of Elven Spirit Bow.
The next time I am with your kith, I will ask. It will, however, cost you. Be prepared. I will be in touch."

A few days later you will receive this message.
Your gatekeepers report that a wizened old woman arrived earlier in the day at <town_name>. She did not enter the city but instead pressed a note into the hands of the gate officer, saying "Give this to your master. He is expecting it." She left immediately without further word; shuffling off down the road with surprising speed. The note reads: "I have spoken with those whom I mentioned; those who guard the secret ways of Duraz Karag. They may be willing to share their secret, if you prove yourself worthy. If you still seek this knowledge then there are three tasks you must complete to prove your worth. Firstly, you must prove your ability to collect unusual materials. Procure the following items in the following quantities: [@c=255] x5 (Corrupted Human Tentacle) [@c=256] x5 (Corrupted Elf Tentacle) [@c=257] x5 (Corrupted Dwarf Tentacle) [@c=258] x5 (Corrupted Orc Tentacle) When you have at least these quantities of these items in your town's inventory, send a messenger [@i=5|97] from <town_name> to the great hall of Duraz Karag at [@l=-203|-122|18]. Do not fail in this, for your reputation is at risk." There is no signature on the note.

After gathering the tentacles and sending a Messenger to Duraz Karag, tentacles become locked in inventory and you will receive the following message.
Your diplomat walks quietly around the empty halls, his footsteps echoing in the silence underneath the arches of the ruined cathedral ceiling. Spotting a gentle glow emanating behind a ruined pillar, he carefully and quietly peers behind the rubble. His initial trepidation is replaced by a sense of wonderment as he sees the vague, shimmering outline of a great Dwarven warrior, resplendent in ancient armour. Despite the ghostly shape's clearly unnatural nature, he feels nothing but calm. The translucent figure speaks with a deep, slow voice; although it appears his lips do not move. " You have done well thus far, and may yet prove yourself worthy. You must keep these terrible boils of corrupted flesh safe in your town. I warn you. Do not send them out, do not transfer them away. Keep them safe whilst you prepare yourself. When the dread corruption rises again, <town_name> will be in dire peril. Secure this town as best you can; you may wish to seek assistance from your compatriots, as the onslaught will be swift and ruinous when the time comes. Survive this test, and you will have but a single trial ahead of you before the secret will be yours. " The mysterious figure fades into the background, and after searching the ruins thoroughly, your diplomat returns home.

Next step is unknown.


The gypsy fortune-teller tells your Thieves: "Beware what lurks beneath the desert sands, for though there is treasure there it is also well guarded."

alternate (?requires all diplomatic research?)
The gypsy fortune-teller looks deep into the flames, then cackles. "I see your hearts are set on theft. Well, if it's gold you're after, then the flames have shown me where you should look. The coffers of <town_name> are filled to overflowing, with untold riches available - if you dare take it... Seek your fortune there, not here!


The gypsy fortune-teller tells your Saboteurs: "Though you are a master of destruction, I foresee few threats to you, personally. While your fellows will face many dangers in many places across the land, you have much less to fear."
alternate (?requires all diplomatic research?)
The fortune teller fixes you with a baleful stare. "You ask much of me. Wait awhile." Her eyes rise into her head and she chants softly, unintelligibly, under her breath. After a few moments, her eyes snap back into focus and fix on your spies. "Your city <blighted_town> was blighted by <blight_name> on <date_cast>, was it not?" Her eyes go distant again, and a while later she smiles wryly. "Perhaps ask the denizens of <casting_town> what they know about it. Now begone and leave me be, for I am tired!"


The gypsy fortune-teller tells your Assassins: "I often tell my clients that they will meet a tall dark stranger. I hope that isn't you. I wouldn't want them to have to meet you in a dark alleyway. In any case... I see that a long journey might beckon you, but you should not expect it to succeed; there is much to be learned from the servants of an old man, but I foresee that his followers will not yet teach you their secrets."