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Harvestable items appear for various reasons throughout the world map; clicking on these squares will give the option 'Harvest Resources'. To harvest these resources simply select 'Harvest Resources' from the menu, and sent the apropriate gathering unit depending on the type of resource.

Units already harvesting are shown as caravans (regardles of unit type). Sending more caravans will bump any existing caravans—even ones that you own—off the site, sending them home immediately with whatever they've gathered thus far. Encampments of troops or NPC units mean that a site is occupied and defended.

Resource harvesting is performed slowly, with the harvesting rate improved via research by up to 20%. The branch of research affecting harvesting rate is: Chain Gang->Goods Pallet->Loading Platform->Conveyor System.


Caravan Harvesting

(A.k.a. basic gathering.) Caravans can be used to gather basic resources (Food, Gold, Wood, Clay, Iron and Stone) outside of your city walls. These are resources that for one reason or another have been abandoned by whoever may have posessed them, and may be freely taken over by anyone. They spawn randomly at special squares strewn throughout the world map. These squares have highly imbalances resources (not connected to which resource may spawn there), and may not be settled, although sovreignty may be claimed over them. To find out what quantity of resources are avaliable send a scout.

Buildings required: Marketplace

Researches required: Haggling

Carrying capacity: The carrying capacity of your caravans is determined by your depth of research in the Improved Loading line of research. Your caravans will continue harvesting until they have reached their capacity, or they have exhausted the resource.

Gathering speed: The gathering speed of your caravans is determined by your depth of research in the Chain Gang line of research. Several caravans at the same site will harvest one after another, causing total harvesting time to be longer.

Limits: The number of caravans you can have in your town is determined by the level of your marketplace and the depth of your research in the Trading line of research.

Cotter Harvesting

(A.k.a. advanced gathering.) Cotters are used to collect common herbs, minerals, hides and grapes found naturally outside of your city. After upgrading they can also be used to collect crafted equippment left behind by slain troops. To find out what quantity of items are avaliable send a scout. In the case of crafted equippment this will also tell you the exact type of equppiment.

Buildings required: Marketplace, Cottage

Researches required: Haggling, Cotters, Foraging, Grape Picking, Scavenging

Carrying capacity: Each cotter can carry 100 items. If more than one item is avaliable they will gather crafted equippment, minerals, hides, herbs, and grapes in that order of priority, moving on to the next item if one is depleted.

Gathering speed: Each cotter will harvest at a rate of 5 per hour (7 per hour for humans) and will gather until their inventory is full, or they have exhausted the resource. Several cotters at the same site will harvest parallell to each other, causing harvesting time for all to be the same as for one unit.

Limits: The number of cotters you can have is determined by the number of cottages you have in your town. Only one cotter can be created per cottage, but you can have multiple cottages in your town.

Specialist Harvesting

(A.k.a. skinning, herbalism, mining.) Herbalists, Miners and Skinners are specialist gatherers are collect rare resources.

Specialists can not be used to collect common varieties of these resources. The map symbol will indentify the general type (rare herbs/minerals/animal parts) of items avaliable, indicating what specialist would be able to harvest them, but to find out the quantity and exact type of items you must send a scout.

Researches required: Haggling, Guilds, then depending on your chosen area of focus, Herbalists' Guilds and Herbalism, Miner's Guilds and Geology, Skinners' Guilds and Butchery.

Buildings required: Marketplace, Herbalist's Guild and/or Miner's Guild and/or Skinner's Guild

Carrying capacity: Each specialist gatherer can carry 1 rare item.

Gathering speed: The time it takes for the herbalist/miner/skinner to gather an item is dependent on qualities of that particular item and will vary greatly. Several specialists at the same site will harvest parallell to each other, causing harvesting time for all to be the same as for one unit.

Limits: The number of herbalists/miners/skinners you can have is determined by the level of their associated guild building, of which you can have multiples in your town.


Units already harvesting are shown as stationary caravans (regardles of unit type) on the map. Sending more caravans will bump any existing caravans—even ones that you yourself own—off the site, sending them home immediately with whatever they've gathered thus far. Doing this deliberately may be considered a hostile act, or a way of defending a ligitimate claim, all depending on circumstances. Notice that because each specialist can harvest and carry only one item, bumping them will allways result in them returning empty handed.

Occupying Resources

If a site has neutral or hostile forces (including animals etc.) occupying it, they must first be destroyed before caravans can safely arrive. Otherwise, the caravans will be destroyed without contest upon arrival.

Placing an army on a resource site is therefore an effective way of claiming it for yourself.
forces belonging to yourself, your alliance members, or members of alliances in a NAP or Confed with yourself
Friendly military forces occupying a site will defend your gatherers against attacks, while all other gathering units will be destroyed. Defending against NPC occupations, however, is unnecessary—NPCs will not spawn on sites already occupied, even just by gatherers.
  • Note that occupying any square close to another player's city will almost certainly be considered a hostile act.
  • Note also that suddenly occupying an empty square will mean killing any unit that may be innocently heading towards it, potentially also considered a hostile act. Occupying resources should therefore not be done without careful consideration.


Over-harvesting a resource plot will cause it to dissappear from the map. The consequenses of doing so are different depending on the resource.

  • Herbs (common or rare) including grapes will not respawn on the same square, but rather—after some time—appear again somewhere in the same area. Because common herbs regenerate any harvested herbs hourly but cotters harvest only 5 (7 for humans) items per hour a patch can support harvesting by as many cotters as will not deplete it in one hour. (E.g. a herb patch with 80 common herbs can support 15 cotters harvesting at 5/h without depleting the patch.)
  • Minerals (common or rare) that are depleted respawn in the same mine on the same square.
  • Animal Parts, Elemental Salts and common hides are the remains of animals killed either by players or by other animals, and so the spots do not regenerate. New resources appear when other animals are killed elsewhere.
  • Crafted equippment has been crafted by other players and appears on the map when it is dropped by slain troops belonging to those players (who may feel they have a claim to picking it up). There is no regeneration.