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Addition of Faction/NPC pages/categories and integration into Unit categories

This is just a starting point, but should provide plenty of organization for most new material that needs to be added (at least relating to factions and biomes)

  • Units (pre-existing)
    • Human Units (pre-existing)
    • Elven Units (pre-existing)
    • Orc Units (pre-existing)
    • Dwarven Units (pre-existing)
    • Diplomatic Units (pre-existing)
    • Special Units (pre-existing)
    • Basic Units (pre-existing)
    • Advanced Units (pre-existing)
    • Military Units (pre-existing)
      • Ranged Units (pre-existing)
      • Spear Units (pre-existing)
      • Infantry Units (pre-existing)
      • Cavalry Units (pre-existing)
    • Non-Player Military Units (the extra race/faction categories shall all be lumped together here to avoid obscuring the ones that will generally be better understood and more relevant to broader player interests. It is a simpler matter to restructure categories than to recategorize large groups of articles as the game changes, so this should prove more maintainable--we can move (Racename) Units categories around instead of each article within them. This way the articles can point to subcategories in a manner consistent with how player units are currently handled. However, the assignment into types (Infantry, Spearmen, Ranged, Cavalry, Basic, Advanced) is important and should be used when it can be determined with certainty. So to prevent NPC Units from filling up those categories which belong in a separate tree, these will have to belong to "Non-Player (Categoryname)" variants of those subcategories within this tree--at least the (Racename) Units category can still keep a consistent list of the articles that will need to be updated when such a move occurs. I will at some point make an "Infobar Military Nostats" sidebar template to support our vaguely defined NPC units, and that will probably come sooner than completely new templates. This sidebar will more permissively allow exclusion of unknown stats as well as listing/labeling the subcategory memberships correctly, and if at all possible--which it probably is--without altering how the template is called and used at all. This means you can use the existing Military Units sidebar template (including stat inputs but leaving them blank) until the new one exists, and switching will be trivial...both now and when races become playable. )
      • Nature Units
      • Monster Units
      • Humanoid Units
      • (Racename) Units
      • ...
      • (Factionname) Units
      • ...

(don't forget to handle multi-level categorization as described in the help document and exemplified by existing military unit articles. Note that articles in "Non-Player Military Units" category are NOT also members of "Military Units," as the former is not a sub-category of the latter.)

  • Races
    • Natural Races
    • Monster Races
    • Humanoid Races (this will include humans, dwarves, elves, and orcs, because Stormcrow has indicated that other humanoid factions may become player options in the future)
    • Playable Races (...and keep in mind that other Humanoid Races may eventually become Playable Races as well, so try to keep the structure between the two consistent)
  • Biomes (with redirect from "Climates"--this might just be a single page and not a category.)
  • Regions
    • (Climatename) Regions

(region articles should probably belong to one or more biome-specific sub-categories (called something like "Arid Regions" as well as the "Regions" category. Assignment of regions to climates need not be vigorous...small minority climates can be excluded)

(monster and humanoid factions have become somewhat lumped together especially as of "the newness" but I believe the distinction is still relevant (regions, and factions, and races will be be interlinked via article contents but not structure--at least for now. Not only do the relationships potentially get complex, they're also largely of academic interest rather than practical)

  • Trade Hubs (a category of which each member will also be a member of some faction and some region)
    • also need to consider how to subdivide trade hubs (probably not by region or faction, as there would be too many categories and the importance of the subdivision would be quite indirect. Perhaps instead by default relation classes (i.e. friendly, warm, hostile, etc..)

Trade Hubs and Factions delve into relationships better handled by a database and user-friendly query interface rather than collections of written documents, and will likely be given better treatment by 3rd-party software...possibly produced by myself (after finishing my framework).

--HonoredMule 19:58, 7 November 2010 (UTC)