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Heroic Human Statue

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A Heroic Human Statue is a special site on the map with special significance regarding Illyriad's lore and a reward for investigating.

20 such sites are scattered throughout the map, each representing one of 2 grandfathers and 18 great uncles of the first king of Illyriad. Players can discover the information held in these ruins by sending a spy to the statue—and potentially to a subsequent site to follow up on clues from the statue. Other diplomats sent here will recognize that the site is significant, but be unable to decipher the information or clues they uncover.



Historians from the Order of Allembine are seeking to clarify several distant details in the family tree of our beloved King Sigurd.

At the foundation of the current dynasty, some 800 years ago, it is known that statues were erected across Illyria to the first King’s two Grandfathers and 18 Great Uncles, all of whom carried arms in the struggle to establish the dynasty. However, the Order of Allembine at that stage had more urgent duties than the recording of the Royal Family’s predecessors, and so no written records were made.

The Order now invites all lords and ladies holding settlements in Illyria to assist with their research. Rulers wishing to assist might start by considering the statues of the King’s antecedents, which can be seen scattered about the lands.

The Order are hoping to confirm, from multiple sources, the names and any life details of these 20 royal forbears.

The Order seeks evidence and worn testimony, not rumour and hearsay, so rulers must provide both the names and sworn verbal testimony as to how the names were gathered – for example, the Order will want to know that a settlement’s diplomats have personally visited a site which offers evidence; it is not enough to have heard a rumour from another ruler or another settlement.


Each city that spies one of the sites will receive as reward one special defensive diplomat, a Scribe of Allembine. They have low upkeep (2 gold), very high defensive value, and cannot be sent on missions.

The scribe is a spy type unit: speed 5, attack 11, defense 120

When you collect all 20 scribes, you gain discovery Allembine Research, which grants +5 research points hourly per Library level.


  • Azura
    • -485|-736 (Note 2nd part: spy 669|794) (Reward: Allembine Scribe unit & Name: Ferhonanth) Number 7
  • Elijal
    • 910|-507 (Reward: Allembine Scribe unit & Name: Bjander-Thegn) Number 3
  • Kal Tirikan
    • -312|717 (Reward: Allembine Scribe unit & Name: Aldelbrecht) Number 1
  • Keppen
    • -569|-91 (note: 2nd part: spy 136|855) (Reward: Allembine Scribe unit & Name: Tormand) Number 19
  • Keshalia
    • 652|-265 (Note 2nd part: spy -843|-310) (Reward: Allembine Scribe unit & Name: Fridholt) Number 8
  • Larn
    • 761|-892 (Note 2nd part: spy -39|-973) (Reward: Allembine Scribe unit & Name: Osgaut) Number 15
  • Middle Kingdom
    • -102|1 (Note 2nd part: spy 949|-379) (Reward: Allembine Scribe unit & Name: Braynard) Number 4
    • -4|10 (Reward: Allembine Scribe unit & Name: Gunthar) Number 9
    • 22|-85 (Reward: Allembine Scribe unit & Name: Rikert) Number 18
  • Norweld
    • 232|345 (Reward: Allembine Scribe unit & Name: Oddric) Number 14
  • Ragallon
    • 471|228 (Note 2nd part: spy -711|674) (Reward: Allembine Scribe unit & Name: Lindricht) Number 13
  • Tallimar
    • -194|-687 (Reward: Allembine Scribe unit & Name: Raedborth) Number 16
  • Taomist
    • 719|365 (Reward: Allembine Scribe unit & Name: Regindalt) Number 17
  • Tor Carrock
    • -157|-298 (Reward: Allembine Scribe unit & Name: Lambercht) Number 12
    • -377|-104 (Reward: Allembine Scribe unit & Name: Haestin) Number 10
  • Trome
    • 429|-931 (Reward: Allembine Scribe unit & Name: Burkhardt)Number 5
  • Turalia
    • 399|-431 (Reward: Allembine Scribe unit & Name: Ulvelaik) Number 20
  • The Western Realms
    • -608|-189 (Reward: Allembine Scribe unit & Name: Asmorn) Number 2
  • Windlost
    • 516|505 (Reward: Allembine Scribe unit & Name: Eberekt) Number 6
    • 356|498 (Reward: Allembine Scribe unit & Name: Keldar) Number 11


Heroic statues were introduced on May 18, 2011.