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Horses are a type of secondary resource in Illyriad. They're required for the building of many units that require either speed or heft, ranging from Settlers to Cavalry to many advanced diplomatic units.


Common Horses

Regular horses can be bred in the Paddock. Each horse costs the following to make:

Natural resource
Natural resource
Natural resource
Primary resource

Crafted Horses

If you have built a Horse Trainer in your city, you will be able to train special horses, for use on either your cavalry or commanders. All of these horses require one regular Horse to make.

Draught Horse

This horse is designed for increasing the movement speed of Siege Units by 25%. Creating this horse costs 5 Hides, 10 Herbs, and 1 Mineral.

Heavy Warhorse

Increases unit attack by 5%, but weakens their defense by 5%. Also causes a 5% attack/defense penalty when not fighting in plains. Can carry up to 10% more than a normal horse, but is 5% slower, and is penalized (5%) when operating in Jungle, Arctic, and Desert. Can be made using one hide, one herb, and three minerals.

Nimble Warhorse

Weakens attack by 8%, but greatly increases the defense of cavalry units by 24%. Made using one hide, three herbs, and one mineral.

Riding Horse

Makes units move 25% faster, and can be used by any type of unit. Requires one hide, five herbs, and one mineral to make.

Steady Warhorse

Increases troops' magic resistance by 5%. Requires three hides, one herb, and one mineral.

Faction-specific horses

The crafting of these horses is learned via discoveries. All of these mounts weaken stats by 20% when used by the wrong faction.

Elven Thoroughbred

An Elven horse. Requires 5 Herbs, makes units move 15% faster.


A Human horse. Requires 5 herbs and improves cavalry defense by 20%, but comes with a 5% penalty on hills, a 15% penalty on mountains, a 10% penalty in forests, and a 5% penalty in Jungle, Arctic, and Desert environments.

Dwarven Battle Mule

A Dwarven horse. Requires 5 minerals and improves combat stats by 20% on hills and mountains. Weakens attack by 5%, and slows down movement speed by 10%.

War Wolf

An Orc mount. Increases movement speed by 10% and carrying capacity by 20%, and improves combat stats by 20% on hills.