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Huronire covers roughly 87,022 square miles. The region is located in the northern portion of Eastern Broken Lands. Huronire contains a large tropical rainforest. The terrain in the east is not as hilly as the rest of the region.

Registry of Mines

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Registry of Rare Herbs

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There is believed to be 109 towns supporting a population of 480,408. The oldest city is Chronos founded April 10, 2011. The largest city is 1.mano with a population of 31,979.

Race Population
Human 170,334
Elf 150,225
Dwarf 97,288
Orc 62,561


There are 27 alliances in Huronire. There are 28 towns with a population of 52,851 that are unaffiliated.

Top 5 Alliances Population
Illyria Fairy Nation 56,354
Shrapnel's FDU 39,276
The Liberation 36,533
Infamy 36,294
Southland Sentinels 32,109

Alliance Capital
Loriens Ring Bearers Meridien


Faction Trade Hubs
No Faction Hub


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