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Illyria Trade Council

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Illyria Trade Council is a Mixed faction maintaining outposts in the following regions Azura, Fremorn, Kul Tar, Lucerna, Meilla, Middle Kingdom, Norweld, and Trome.

  • Neighboring Factions:
    • There are numerous neighbors as they outpost are scattered throughout Illyria excepting that they do not occupy anything in the upper quarter of the map with Persiflage being the furtherest northern outpost
  • They are not known to make camps.
  • Default faction standing due to default racial standing with all playable races.


None seen

Position and Relationships

Trade Hubs
Region Hub Name Location
Middle Kingdom Bellingsy


Mons Equi


Azura Bepima


Trome Freeport


Fremorn Hope


Meilla Maplehurst


Norweld Persiflage


Kul Tar Qal Mar


Lucerna Shelton


Racial Standings
Race Standing
Humans 0
Elves 0
Dwarves 0
Orcs 0

Default Faction Standings
Faction Default Standing
Council of Illyria-10Unfriendly
all others0Neutral