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Illyriad Geographic

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Quest Details
Illyriad Geographic
Type Diplomatic
Level 2
To Accept 2
Basic secondary resource
Units >5 scouts
Primary resource
Diplomatic Quests - Quests



The Royal Geographic Society produces a monthly report about the wonders that can be found throughout the world. Last month there was a storming edition about the secrets of the Yellow Hills.

Their latest publication brings them to the land surrounding your town.

Orwin Kvatch, the head of this expedition, tells you that his team have been exploring a network of caves in the area and would like to take advantage of local knowledge.

The publication is very popular in the Elven community and Orwin is offering a generous cut of the subscription fees in return for the help of your scouts and their knowledge.

To complete this quest, you must
Successfully scout location xxx|yyy using >5 scouts (of any kind)

Successful Mission Report

Your scouts report that Orwin Kvatch and his expedition were one of the more dull assignments they've had, but that their presence helped to avoid a series of potential accidents in the slippery caves.

Quest Completion

The expedition uncovered new evidence to support the migration of albino cave sloths and Orwin Kvatch is very pleased.

He wouldn't stop to give any sneak-peeks into the sheaf of notes clutched to his chest, but he was happy to fulfill his end of the bargain and pay 300 gold in scout fees.

What you get
Primary resource

Failed Mission Report

After hours scrutinising the slippery wetness inside of the caves, Kvatch made an unexpected discovery when his foot dropped down a pothole and he broke his ankle.

The extra responsibility meant your scouts were just too few to carry the expedition forward.