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Kormandly covers roughly 96,425 square miles. The region is located in the Southwestern portion of The Broken Lands. Kormandly contains several large mountain regions. There is a large plain in the center of Kormandly.

Registry of Mines

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Registry of Rare Herbs

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There is believed to be 114 towns supporting a population of 678,521. The oldest city is Aldranian founded December 30, 2011. The largest city is stockton with a population of 26,448.

Race Population
Human 396,016
Elf 195,763
Dwarf 84,001
Orc 2,741


There are 19 alliances in Kormandly. There are 15 towns with a population of 64,513 that are unaffiliated.

Top 5 Alliances Population
Heroes of the Horn 176,120
Wheel of Time 129,588
Pending... 73,620
House of Plantagenet 64,153
Crow's Nest 30,165

Alliance Capital
Gothic League Goth Acres


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