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Medicine Man

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Quest Details
Medicine Man
Type Diplomatic
Level 2
To Accept 2
Basic secondary resource
Units #? scouts
Basic secondary resource
Diplomatic Quests - Quests



Folklore tells of a herb that grows only in the shade and is an excellent cure for the deadly "wasp" fever.

Unfortunately it is a very rare find and none of the physicians in your town keep a stock of it.

Josephine Hoch, your local bookbinder, is quite unwell and her husband pleads with you for help in finding it. Of course, in return, he pledges a gift of books to your library.

To complete this quest, you must
Successfully scout location xxx|yyy using an unknown number of scouts (of any kind)

Successful Mission Report

Your scouts report that a rare herb was located successfully and in return they collected 10 books from the bookbinder's husband.

Quest Completion

The flower was for the most part elusive; said to look like so many other plants and yet each one is received with a negative from the bookbinder's husband when they're brought to him.

Finally one of your scouts brings the lilac coloured plant, a delicate thing, and the very ingredient he says will help his wife.

On his return home he puts aside a wide selection of books as his way of thanks.

What you get
Basic secondary resource

Failed Mission Report

Your scouts managed to find and lose the elusive flower. On return to the bookbinder's house they pat down their persons and find no trace of the flower.