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Cotters gather ordinary minerals in mines. Miners gather rare minerals in mines. (The Elemental Salts are not minerals and are gathered by skinners.)



This purple-blue gemstone is associated with the element of Air. Brittle and light-weight, it is sometimes used in jewellery, but is mostly sought out by mages.

Flanged Mace.
Mining takes 24h. Known mines are listed in the article on aeghris mines.

Air Salt

Air Salt is not a mineral and has been moved to the category Elemental Salts.


This green-blue gemstone has had various uses throughout history. Werzelnak Scrumptrick, the legendary Gnome Brewer of the Second Age, was said to stir his vats with a staff encrusted in Almhurin. King Sigurd's chamberlain insists that the king's clothes be washed in a tub with an Almhurin gem set at its base. And the leaders of the Lannigolds each drink only from cups with Almhurin-studded rims, which they say keep them safe from poison attempts.

Yura Warmace
Mining takes 24h. Known mines are listed in the article on almhurin mines.

Amar Shards

Peerless Leather, Peerless Lamellar, Peerless Platemail
Mining takes 48h. Known mines are listed in the article on amar shards mines.


Rarer than iron, but more durable, the Dwarves of the Second Age named this metal after the Artefores (their gods), who they say revealed its secrets to the Dwarves of the First Age.

War Axe, Reinforced Sword, Thick-Ring Chainmail, Shard of Life.
Mining takes 5h. Known mines are listed in the article on arterium mines.


Crystals of unusual purity, perfectly transparent yet with dots of light seeming to dance within them, Clarestine gems are much sought after for their uses in protective magics. Common superstitions say that to carry such a crystal will protect from accidental injury at work. Illyria's foremost mages have more grandiose uses for the crystals.

One claristrine is required to make a Prestige Parchment; Shard of Fortitude, Essence of Protection
Mining takes 6h. Known mines are listed in the article on claristrine mines.


Daera is rare, but visually unremarkable. Typically occurring in nobly pellets about the size of a human fist, it is dark brown, somewhere between red-brown and black-brown, described by some as being about the colour of highly fertile soil. It is of little interest to jewellers, but considerable interest to mages.

Twilight Greatsword, Essence of Necrosis
Mining takes 24h. Known mines are listed in the article on daera mines.


Drawn from the deepest mines, this rare blue-white metal is a vital component in the creation of runic inscriptions. While many pigments and powders can be used to inscribe common, domestic runes, for wards that are expected to cover an entire settlement more specialist ingredients are required to inscribe runes, and Deepsilver is the key component.

A deepsilver is required to make a Prestige Page.
Mining takes 8h. Known mines are listed in the article on deepsilver mines.


Some Elven theologians tell that the land of Illyria was once a living, feeling entity upon from whom all other races drew succour. In time, they say, the abuses of these ungrateful races caused the world to grow cold and hard and dead, until, as now, it became a dull, lifeless slab of earth and stone. These orange-red gemstones, they say, are the last traces of the blood of the earth, the living essence which once flowed through it. Other races sometimes ask if this is a mere myth, or if it is actually true; the theologians say that the question is meaningless.

An earthblood is required to make a Prestige Tome.
Mining takes 8h. Known mines are listed in the article on earthblood mines.

Earth Salt

Earth Salt is not a mineral and has been moved to the category Elemental Salts.

Elven Tears

In the current Age, Elven priests often conduct ceremonies of mourning – not for individual deaths or tragedies, but for the world itself, for all the ignorance and cruelty which besets the lands. Yet these formal rituals are but shadows of the great, spontaneous mournings of ancient times, and it is said that many Elven hermits, at the end of the First and dawn of the Second Ages, mourned with such purity and passion that their tears could cure the sick, delay the effects of mortal ageing, or protect a person from injury. Where these hermits lived, near to ancient temples, their tears often fell to the ground and, legend says, froze there. And so today, in the soil around these ancient temples, people might hope to find these opaque crystals, resembling ice but warm to the touch, which are called Elven Tears. Some wear them as personal charms, as protection against injury or illness, but some mages have found more dramatic protective purposes for these.

Astral Leather, Exalted Ringmail, Elysian Platemail, Radiant Bardiche, Consecrated Scepter, Celestial Bow, Essence of Daybreak
Elven tears are mined only in Kumala and Lan Larosh. Known mines are listed in the article on elven tears mines.

Fire Salt

Fire Salt is not a mineral and has been moved to the category Elemental Salts.


Flektrine is a red gemstone, with tiny grains of gold naturally embedded within it. It is not unattractive, catching the light prettily, but the superstitious say that it is unlucky to keep it in the home as it increases the chance of house fires. Mages rarely comment on such superstitions, but frequently store their Flektrine supplies submerged in cold water.

At present there are no known uses of flektrine.
Mining takes 24h. Known mines are listed in the article on flektrine mines.


Deep blue if viewed in dim light, transforming to a brilliant gold as sunlight falls across it, Goldstone seems to be an impossible stone: if weighed, it is heavier than gold, but if dropped it falls through the air no faster than a feather; placed in a small amount of water, it causes the water to expand and grow, as if being created from nothing; placed in a small fire, the flames will flare and roar at many times their previous heat.

Adorned Platemail, Trophy Platemail, Jeweled Labrys, Opulent Glaive, Goldstone War Hammer, Jeweled Lightblade, Gilded Longbow, Ornate Shortbow

Mining takes 24h. Known mines are listed in the article on goldstone mines.


As iron ore runs in veins through common rock, so Iceheart runs in veins through deep layers of ice. Paler than iron, it is also lighter, and although it is too brittle to forge weapons from it directly, iron weapons can be augmented with Iceheart, often in order to make them lighter.

Extra Light Chainmail, Light Chain Armour, Master-Crafted Chainmail, Light Platemail, Light Spear, Light Sword, Iron-Banded Spear, Reinforced Chainmail, Reinforced Platemail, Spiked Sword, Splintmail, Trident, Vanguard's Armour.
Mining takes 2h. Iceheart is mined in Qarosslan, The Wastes. Known mines are listed in the article on iceheart mines.

Night Diamond

Essence of Twilight
There are no known deposits of Night Diamond.


Shards of obsidian can be mined from the earth, generally for use in exotic weaponry. A deep black colour, with purple and white accents, this stone can be shaped to hold a good edge, and is popular in many cultures for ceremonial and sacrificial weaponry.

Obsidian Platemail, Obsidian-Tipped Spear, Obsidian Blade, Shard of Nightfall
Mining takes 5h. Known mines are listed in the article on obsidian mines.


In the last days of Alda Amar, a brotherhood of mages dedicated themselves to the recovery of Pyrstone for the empire's defences. For this, they were both reviled and revered. Their efforts allowed the empire to cast great Abjurations to shield their people from Orcish curses. But the brotherhood could only find the stones by seeking out the funeral sites of ancient communities of mages. The cremations of these potent magicians, imbued with magics of a strength not seen since the dawn of the Second Age, led to concentrations of magic being absorbed by these stones, the wise rulers of Alda Amar believed. It is from this that these stones, flecked in silver and gold and copper hues, are known as Pyrestones.

Prestige Scrap, Essence of Brutality
Mining takes 4h. Pyrestone is mined in Aindara, Djebeli, Fremorn, Keshalia, Norweld, The Poisoned Isle, The Wastes. Known mines are listed in the article on pyrestone mines.


From whatever angle each Rainbowstone is viewed, it always looks the same – one colour at its centre, and others colours in concentric circles radiating out. However the stone is turned, the colours shift so that it looks the same for the viewer. If the stone is broken open (which renders it useless for magical purposes) all of the colour fades away, leaving chunks of dull, opaque crystal. As the crystal is only found in surface layers of soil at some ancient sites, it has been suggested that Rainbowstones are completely artificial, having been made by magicians around the dawn of the Second Age.

Prestige Scroll, Shard of Dawn
Mining takes 4h. Rainbowstone is mined in Aindara, Djebeli, Elijal, Fremorn, Middle Kingdom, The Wastes, Puchuallpa. Known mines are listed in the article on rainbowstone mines.


Warding Leather, Chainmail of Warding, Warding Platemail
Mining takes 24h. Known mines are listed in the article on silversoil mines.


In the Second Age, the elite armies of the Dwarves fought with swords forged of Silversteel. Stronger than iron, with an edge that never dulls, weapons augmented with Silversteel tips, edges or blades are always of exceptional quality. Resembling iron in colour, Silversteel can be polished until it reflects as well as any mirror, and legends tell of armies wearing Silversteel Plate armour whose enemies would be dazzled by the sunlight flashing on their armour.

Silversteel Chainmail, Silversteel Platemail, Silversteel Spear, Silversteel Sword, Essence of Anima
Mining takes 1h 30min. Known mines are listed in the article on silversteel mines.

Svelaugh Sand

Svelaugh Sand can be scraped from underground seams in tiny quantities, a bright yellow powder which can be baked into solid forms. Extremely rare, some profligate rulers have ordered robes to be made, dyed from this sand, as it can stain cloth an outstanding yellow colour. Legend tells that in the first age, when Dwarven herdsmen guided their flocks through huge underground caverns, these herdsmen carried rods baked from this sand. Today, its use is primarily in weaving animal-related enchantments.

Prestige Book, Shard of Putrescence
Mining takes 24h. Svelaugh sand is mined in Aindara, Fremorn, Keshalia, Norweld, Zanpur. Known mines are listed in the article on svelaugh sand mines.


This deep green gemstone is named trove as a direct translation of its Kobold name. It is commonly sought after by these querulous greenskins, apparently for personal adornment, but for most races its value derives from its magical uses.

Prestige Codex, Shard of Haste, Essence of Alacrity

Mining takes 24h. Known mines are listed in the article on trove mines.

Water Salt

Water Salt is not a mineral and has been moved to the category Elemental Salts.

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