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Non-Playable Characters

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Non-playable characters (commonly called NPCs) are computer-controlled entities that either attempt to behave like intelligent game participants or just passively provide simple player interactions. Illyriad has, to an extent, both types of NPCs and both come in the form of factions. Nature factions are dumb critters that simply occupy space and defend themselves when attacked, while monster and humanoid factions will spread and claim/control territory in similar fashion to actual human players. The latter are still quite simple models, however, as opposed to complex AI-driven entities. Their goals are simple and their actions purely reactionary. Escaped elementals function much like critter but spawn at standing stones and do not migrate.


NPC Parties

NPCs can be found camping on various squares throughout the camp. These parties can be attacked--or in some rare cases, reinforced--by player armies. NPC camps on the world map will be described in terms that approximate their numbers.

Sizes of NPC Occupations
Label Minimum Maximum
Few 13
Handful 48
Several 921
Pack 2281
Many 82128
Gathering 129227
Horde 228462
Throng 463815
Host 8162,500
Legion 2,5019,999
Myriad 10,00024,999
Sea 25,00049,999
Cornucopia 50,000-


Factions are non-player alliances (most of them also comprised of non-playable races and some quite powerful) who operate trade hubs and whose troops currently also only inhabit space. When Faction AI is introduced, however, factions will be much more like real players; they will ally with players who help them out, but will attack players that kill their units.

Escaped Elementals

Escaped elementals are not part of any coherent faction, but function much like critter. They spawn at standing stones and do not migrate. They are hunted by players for the elemental salts they drop when they are killed.


Critters are creatures of nature--non-sentient beings that migrate within appropriate climates in the game world. They don't do anything hostile, but you can attack them for experience and gold, and for hunting, as they may drop hides and rare animal parts when killed.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Alligators Small AlligatorSwamp GatorRazor-Toothed AlligatorBone CrusherN/A
Anacondas Green AnacondaYellow AnacondaDark-Spotted AnacondaGiant AnacondaN/A
Arctic Wolves Arctic WolfpupAdolescent Polar WolfFrost WolfPermafrost Alpha WolfN/A
Baboons Young BaboonAdult BaboonAggressive BaboonSacred BaboonN/A
Black Bears Black Bear CubAdolescent Short-Faced BearAdult Black BearMoon BearN/A
Black Panthers Ferocious Black PantherSnarling PantherTerritorial PantherMassive Black PantherN/A
Brown Bears Bear CubAdolescent GrizzlyEnraged KodiakAdult GrizzlyN/A
Cobras Small CobraLarge CobraSpitting CobraNajaN/A
Coral Snakes Small Cobra (coral)Banded Coral SnakeYellow Coral SnakeThornscrub Coral SnakeN/A
Cyclopes Argeian CyclopsBrontian CyclopsSteropean CyclopsPolyphemian CyclopsN/A
Elephants Young ElephantAdult ElephantBull ElephantElder ElephantN/A
Fire Salamanders Small Fire SalamanderLarge Fire SalamanderSpitting Fire SalamanderGreater Fire SalamanderN/A
Gharials SnaptoothSpindly GharialVicious GharialBrooding GharialN/A
Giant Beetles Swarming GreenbackTeeming BeetleVenomous BeetleGiant BeetleN/A
Giant Rats RatlingRatDiseased RatElder BuckN/A
Giant Scorpions ScorpionAdult ScorpionBarbed ScorpionPredatory ScorpionN/A
Giant Scuttlers ScuttlerAdult ScuttlerRavenous ScuttlerElder ScuttlerN/A
Giant Snakes Adolescent SerpentAdult SerpentSpitterDeathbiteElder Serpent
Giant Spiders Adolescent Giant SpiderGiant SpiderSpitting SpiderElder Giant SpiderGreater Spinner
Golden Monkeys Young Golden MonkeyAdult Golden MonkeyCunning Golden MonkeyGolden Monkey ElderN/A
Ice Salamanders Small Ice SalamanderLarge Ice SalamanderSpitting Ice SalamanderGreater Ice SalamanderN/A
Jaguars Jaguar CubAdolescent JaguarAdult JaguarElder JaguarN/A
Leopards Leopard CubYoung LeopardFully Grown LeopardElder LeopardN/A
Lions Lion CubAdolescent LionAdult LionLong-Maned LionN/A
Mammoths Young MammothAdult MammothEnraged TuskerElder TuskerN/A
Massive Scarabs Small ScarabAgressive ScarabAdult ScarabElder ScarabN/A
Poisonous Crawlers Small Poisonous CrawlerAdult CrawlerSpitting CrawlerCrawler QueenN/A
Polar Bears Polar Bear CubAdolescent Polar BearNanuqIsbjørnN/A
Pumas Adolescent PumaWiry PumaMuscular PumaPuma LeaderN/A
Rhinoceros Rhino CalfEnraged RhinoAdult Black RhinoAdult White RhinoN/A
Roaming Trolls Young TrollTroll WandererTroll DevourerHunting TrollN/A
Salamanders Small SalamanderLarge SalamanderSpitting SalamanderGreater SalamanderN/A
Saurians Spike-Backed SaurianLong-Necked SaurianSaurian RaptorSaurian LordN/A
Scaled Chargers Scaled ChargerArmoured ChargerHeavy ChargerLightning ChargerN/A
Scritchers Small ScritcherAdult ScritcherTaloned ScritcherElder ScritcherN/A
Simien Wolves Adolescent WolfAdult WolfSnarling WolfSimien Wolfpack LeaderN/A
Snow Leopards Snow Leopard CubAdolescent Snow LeopardAdult Snow LeopardElder Snow LeopardN/A
Tigers Tiger CubAdolescent TigerAdult TigerElder Amur TigerN/A
White Tigers White Tiger CubAdolescent White TigerAdult White TigerElder White TigerN/A
Wild Dogs Adolescent Wild DogWild DogRabid HoundPack LeaderN/A
Wolves WolfpupGrey WolfWhite WolfAlpha WolfWolfpack Leader