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Pawanallpa covers roughly 139, 502 square miles. The region is located in the northeast of The Broken Lands. The majority of Pawanallpa is desert. In the southeast the formidable desert gives way to arid savannah.

Registry of Mines

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Registry of Rare Herbs

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There is believed to be 211 towns supporting a population of 1,044,753. The oldest city 1 Ballynastraw founded May 23, 2010. 5. Terriana is the largest city with a population of 26,014.

Race Population
Human 446,316
Elf 276,201
Dwarf 165,218
Orc 156,938


There are 31 alliances in Pawanallpa. There are 25 independent towns with a population of 107,053.

Top 5 Alliances Population
†sir 279,014
Dark Shade 124,358
Crow's Nest 100,357
Well of Mimir 54,071
Screaming Valkyries 42,751

Alliance Capital


Faction Trade Hubs
Llwcharion Altudin, Gorwyn, Artain, Newyns


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