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Race Specialties

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Though the playable races in Illyriad are highly similar, each one does have some specializations in the form of elite units in a particular military class, the best diplomatic units of some particular type, and various minor bonuses. Elite units will be more economical to produce, as their cost exchanges some piece of equipment—generally armor—for much cheaper beer. They will also have generally better stats overall than their counterparts in other races.


Humans have:

  • Elite cavalry
  • Balanced resource plots
  • Best Assassins

Elves have:

  • Elite archers
  • Best-of-breed (diplomat-type)
  • 5% bonus to spell power
  • Faster units overall (and the fastest military unit, the Swiftsteed)

Dwarves have:

  • Elite swordsmen

Orcs have:

  • Elite spearmen