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Ragallon covers roughly 82,563 square miles. It is bordered to the north, west and south by great rivers, and to the east by the dense forests on the western slopes of the great Taomist mountain range.

In the center north of the province a highland region of small hills forms the base of a great mountain massif, all circled by a forest belt. Two rivers spring from these mountains, running to the west. In the south a smaller massif is similarly surrounded by hills and a forest belt.

The dominating terrain of the rest of the province, along the rivers forming its borders and in three large plains in the east, is a broken plain with some scattered mountains and forests, with some volcanic activity visible in the form of fiery mountains and geysers. In the northeast there are three small areas of what appears to be perennial mist.

The north and south mountain massifs are both rich in common minerals, while the forests encircling them have plenty of common herbs.

Mysterious Locations

At (471|228) stands one of the statues of the Heroic Human Statues quest.

Registry of Mines

All known mines in Elgea are listed in articles found under the Minerals category.

Rainbowstone: 384/384,

Earthblood: 390/398, 402/423, 440/394

Claristrine: 415/386, 423/332

Pyrestone: 418/368, 428/362, 453/203

Trove: 426/380, 446/303

Almhurin: 431,389

Aeghris: 443/377

Animals and Herbs

Ragallons flora contains many Grapes, Brascan Seeds, Queen's Hair Leaves and Ancient Oak and some Pale Cedar Wood, Silverthorn, Sharproot, Suntree Haft and Rockweed root.

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