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The magic school of Runes provides spells that will repel or destroy various military or targeted diplomatic units. Increasing levels target more units and has a longer cooldown.

Spells in this school:

Mark of FearRune of TerrorGlyph of HorrorWard of Insanity
Repels units
Mark of SlayingDeath RuneKilling GlyphWard of Destruction
Kills hostile units
Mark of SeekingSeeking RuneSeeking GlyphWard of Intentions
Kills specific hostile diplomatic units


The rune of an inactive or suspended player can be intentionally defused by (typically) basic thieves to reduce the cost of diplomatic losses. The number of charges ranges from 5 for a Mark of Slaying up to 800 for a Ward of Intentions with one Runemasters' Grounding at level 20. A single thief can be sent first to determine the presence and the kind of rune. Spies might be able to determine the presence and level of the Runemasters' Grounding as well as the level of the Mage Tower.

Predicting Rune Charge Count
Runemasters' Grounding Level 048121620
Spell Available Maximum Total Charges
1 Mark of Fear 101214161820
2 Mark of Seeking 121417192224
3 Mark of Slaying 5678910
5 Rune of Terror 303642485460
6 Seeking Rune 404856647280
7 Death Rune 202428323640
9 Glyph of Horror 7590105120135150
10 Seeking Glyph 130156182208234260
11 Killing Glyph 7590105120135150
13 Ward of Insanity 300360420480540600
14 Ward of Intentions 400480560640720800
15 Ward of Destruction 250300350400450500
Runemasters' Grounding Bonus +0% +20% +40% +60% +80% +100%

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