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Secondary Resources

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Secondary resources are any of the resources from the last three columns of the game interface (Horses, Livestock, Beer, Books, Spears, Swords, Bows, Saddles, Leather Armour, Chainmail, Plate Armour, and Siege Blocks). They are the complement of the primary resources. The feature exclusively common to all secondary resources is that they--in contrast with the primary resources--are all slowly produced on-demand, like military and diplomatic units.

Secondary resources are worth far more per-unit than primary resources. Although their production queues consume large amounts of primary resources, secondary resources are mostly kept scarce by the time a unit takes to produce. Some secondary resources also consume other secondary resources in their production.

In general, secondary resources are less accessible, less available, more important, more vulnerable, and more economically important though less interesting in terms of game mechanics. They require to varying degrees more advanced technology to produce and transport, and their production structures take considerably more time to upgrade while also providing far greater population.

Common Attributes

  • They are all produced on demand in specified quantities (as opposed to harvested over time).
  • They all consume Primary Resources for their production.

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