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Siege Units

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Siege Units are military units that are used to destroy city walls and buildings.

Used in attack operations, the units will sit vulnerable to attack, contributing nothing. If the attack is against a city, all surviving units will perform one strike at the city with a marginal chance of lowering one structure by one level (according to that unit's stated accuracy percentage).

Use in raid is unverified, but surviving engines should strike a city as with attack operations. Rumor indicates attack by surviving siege engines following a failed raid attack may also be possible, though this should not be the case.

In siege operations, the siege engines will sit for 12 hours setting up on the designated siege occupation square, and then strike once per hour. Only a maximum of 30 engines may fire per volley with this strategem, and all engines are vulnerable to destruction by Sally Forth and direct attacks or raids at any time. Furthermore, engines in a siege start with far lower accuracy than their rated hit percentage, slowly increasing in accuracy over time.

In blockade and occupy (defense) operations, siege engines perform no function save that of lowering army travel speeds, while remaining vulnerable to destruction by attacking forces.

The playable siege units are:

Playable race siege units
Wall Building
Dwarf Battery-TowersBallistas
Elf Siege HooksMangonels
Human Battering RamsCatapults
Orc TortoisesTrebuchets

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