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Sovereignty (system)

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Sovereignty is a new feature of Illyriad allowing players to claim surrounding squares as controlled or "sovereign" territory. After completing required research, players can now build a variety of new Sovereignty Buildings on sovereign squares that provide resource or unit production bonuses--some in exchange for upkeep in natural resources. Other players cannot settle on sovereign squares (even from the same alliance), and enemies occupying them will slowly negate sovereignty but also incur a defensive penalty against attacks.


Getting Started

Before anything else, a city must research Sovereignty. The following is then required before sovereign squares can be claimed.

allows claiming up to 3 sovereign squares from the present city.
allows claiming Sovereignty Level I

Also having an army capable of occupying a square is required.

Each specific structure that can be built on sovereign squares requires research to unlock and for each additional level, as well as the equivalent level of sovereignty claimed.

Sovereignty Cost

The cost for Sovereignty is the level of the Sovereignty claim multiplied by the base cost of Sovereignty and the distance between the claiming city and the Sovereignty square. Sovereignty cost is paid hourly. This is just the cost for Sovereignty, It doesn't include the Sovereignty Buildings costs.

Base Cost
Primary resource
Primary resource


Maximizing number of sovereign claims

For players who want to handle many sov squares in one city (the maximum being 20):

If you don't want to be limited by sov gold unkeep or by sov research unkeep, first of all claim your sovereignty on the tiles that are the closest from your town. To have the smallest unkeep with 20 sov squares; your 20 tiles + your city must form a cross.

Then always keep the highest lvl of sov you want the closest to your town. For example if you want 4 lvl 2 Jousting Yards and 8 lvl 5 Farmstead, claim a lvl 5 sov on the 8 tiles touching your town (1 square away from town) and claim a lvl 2 sov on the only 4 tiles that are 2 squares away from your town (forming a cross, with your town in the middle).

Maximizing sovereign bonus

Note: this method may be seen as an exploit of unintentional game mechanics, and its use could earn more punishment than reward. A support petition has been made to verify whether the following method is an acceptable practice.

Update: this behavior was not indended and is being corrected in the very near future. When it is, players with structure levels exceeding sovereignty will start automatically de-leveling.

Update: this behavior has been fixed, tested February 2013. Removing levels from sovereignty now also removes levels from the structure.

Then, always in the aim of having the smallest Gold and Research upkeep from your sov tiles, once your sov buildings are at the final lvl you wanted them to be:

- Unclaim your sovereignty on your sov tiles: your will see that your sov lvl will decrease... but your building won't be destroyed.

- Once your sov are deleving from lvl I to lvl 0 you will have exactly 12h (if you don't have any army on your sov squares) to claim your sov tiles again.

---> Then, you can have a lvl 5 farmstead on a lvl 1 sov tile. the effects and resource unkeep of the building will still be the ones provide by its level...but your Gold and Research upkeep from your sov tile lvl will be the cost of a lvl 1 tile.

!Be careful! if you forget to claim your sov again in time (reaches lvl 0), you will lose your sov tile and the sov building on it. Also, during the deleveling (that can last for days) your sov buildings wont give your any bonus

This tip is really useful if you want to be able to have 20 sov tiles and still being able to put a large taxation on your city, and gaining a lot of gold per hour.

This can be very useful if you want a city to have over 400% bonus production of a type of soldier in one city and still having this city self sufficient in gold (but this city will hardly being able to produce advanced ressources as your basic resources production could go under -40 000/hour)

Of course, the best is to do this with a maxed out city, to have as much gold production as possible once you apply this technique but it can also work with any city that has a lvl 20 library (for a maximum Research/h). Anyway, if you use it to produce soldiers, keep in mind that if your gold goes to 0, they will die slowly... fill your town with Gold to avoid that, if your town is not self sufficient in Gold.