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Sovereignty Research

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Sovereignty Research encompasses all research to claim (by sending an army that is capable of occupying) neutral squares that are not occupied by a city and the ability to produce Sovereignty Buildings on those claimed tiles to increase production or training speed.

Sovereignty Research Tree

begin exploring the sovereignty system

Expanding the basic capabilities:
SerfsPeasantsThrallsLiegesSubjectsFoment Unrest
increase number of claimable squares & counter claim sovereignty
LandholdingTenancyFiefdomVassalageFeudalismEstate Management
increase claimable sovereignty level
increase number of claimable squares

Enhancing natural resource production:
boost wood production
Clay FiringClay ChuteExcavationBrickmakingOpen Pit Mining
boost clay production
Square-Set TimberingHoistsShaft VentilationDeep Vein MiningMetallurgy
boost iron production
ScaffoldingQuarryingFissure MiningStrip MiningGeology
boost stone production
ThreshingArtesian WellsCrop RotationFertilisationIrrigation Network
boost food production

Enhancing secondary resources production:
DrovingFencemakingGrazing LandRanchingStockmen
boost livestock production
boost sword production
Rawhide PreparationLimingBatingTougheningOiling
boost leather production
StablehandsBreakingTraining RingGroomingBloodlines
boost horse production
BowyerHempmakerShaftmakerBodkin-makingHorn Limning
boost bow production
PoleturnerRoundellerLancemakerPikemakerHalbard Making
boost spear production
Saddle TreesBridlingStirrup MakingLight BardingFull Barding
boost saddle production
Gauntlet MakingGreave MakingCuirass MakingHelm MakingSpaulder Making
boost plate production
Coif MakingHauberk MakingChausse MakingPixane MakingVambrace Making
boost chainmail production
WheelwrightsTrigger MechanismsRope TwistingPivot ConstructionReinforced Beams
boost siege block production
PulpingVellum MakingDecklingCalenderingMovable Type
boost book production
boost beer production

Enhancing unit production:
Stamina TrainingForagingPitching CampUnit OrdersParade Ground Drills
boosts spearman training speed
Upper Body ConditioningReleaseFluid MotionRange FindingTarget Focus
boosts ranged training speed
Basic TrainingWeapon MaintenanceOrienteeringAssault CourseFormation Maneuvers
boosts infantry training speed
RidingMount MaintenanceGymkhanaJoustingTournaments
boosts cavalry training speed
WeldingSiege Engine BalancingStandardized PartsSiege Engine BlueprintsAssembly Drills
boosts siege unit training speed
boosts diplomatic unit training speed

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