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Spears are a type of advanced resource in Illyriad.


Common spear

The common spear is made at the Spearmaker and is required for making various spearmen. The cost for making one spear is:

Natural resource
Natural resource
Natural resource
Primary resource

Crafted spears

Aside from the common spear, there are many kinds of crafted spears that can be made and equipped on troops or commanders, to increase their strength. All of these require one regular spear, one Herb, and some other (usually rare) resource to make. A Spearsmith is required for making all of these spears.

War Spear

The War Spear is a common spear that provides a minor attack bonus (6%), but a significant speed penalty (-15%). It requires one Hide to make. May be a good choice for PvP if on the offensive.

Terrain-specific spears

There are four terrain specific spears in Illyriad. All of them provide increased attack and defense stats in two biomes, but carry significant penalties when used in the wrong biome.

Name Resource needed Bonus in Forest Bonus in Plains Bonus in Mountains Bonus in Hills
Hill-Tribe Spear Wild Dog Fur -24% +20% -24% +60%
Plainsman's Spear Scaled Charger Vertebra -24% +60% +20% -24%
Mountain Spear Brown Bear Fur +20% -24% +60% -24%
Forester's Spear Giant Rat Fur +60% -24% -24% +20%

Troop-specific spears

There are four types of spears that increase your defense against one troop type. Beware, using these spears against the wrong type of troops could end in disaster.

Name Resource needed Spear Def. Bonus Sword Def. Bonus Archer Def. Bonus Cavalry Def. Bonus
Dueling Spear Baboon Fur +80% -16% -16% -16%
Defender's Spear Puma Fur -16% -16% +80% -16%
Battle Spear Jaguar Fur -16% +80% -16% -16%
Pike Wolf Fur -16% -16% -16% +80%

Biome-specific Spears

These spears are designed for combat in extreme environments, i.e. the Arctic, jungle, or desert. They come with penalties if used in the wrong environment.

Name Resource needed Bonus in Artic Bonus in Jungle Bonus in Desert
Arctic Spear Fire Salamander Skin +30% -8% -8%
Jungle Spear Anaconda Skin -8% +30% -8%
Desert Spear Ice Salamander Skin -8% -8% +30%

Light Spear

Increases the movement speed of your troops by 10%, but reduces their attack by 16%. Requires one Iceheart per spear.

Dragon Spear

Provides a 16% attack penalty and an 8% defense penalty against any troops other than cavalry and slows your movement speed by 10%, but increases both attack and defense by 150% when fighting monstrous foes. Requires Ancient Oak and Water Salt to craft.

Ebony Spear

Requires one piece of Ebony to make and increases both attack and defense stats by 60% when fighting undead. When not fighting undead, provides a minor (4%) defensive penalty.


Provides a 100% attack/defense bonus when fighting animals and allows troops to move slightly (5%) faster, increases attack/defense by 20% when fighting in the Arctic. Provides penalties when attacking (8%), defending (16%), and when used in the jungle or the desert (4%).

Iron-banded Spear

Increases sword and cavalry defense by 40% and increases both your attack and defense by 60% when fighting monstrous foes, but slows down your movement speed by 10% and weakens your attack slightly (4% penalty). Orcs get an additional 10% attack and defense bonus when using this weapon and no penalties. Making this spear requires Water Salt and Iceheart.

Jungle-hunter's Spear

Requires one Wild Dog Fur and Water Salt to make, reduces attack by 4% and defense by 12%, increases movement speed by 10%, and reduces all attack/defense stats by 4% in Desert and Arctic. Provides a 20% attack/defense bonus in the jungle, and a 90% bonus when fighting animals.

Obsidian-tipped Spear

Reduces your troops' sword defense by 8% and weakens all your stats by 8% when fighting monstrous foes, but provides a 20% attack/defense bonus when fighting undead, and a 50% increase in magic resistance. Requires one Obsidian to make and one Water Salt.

Fang-barbed Spear

This spear provides a 10% attack bonus and a 60% defense vs. spearmen bonus. However, it comes with an 8% penalty when used to defend against bowmen and cavalry, and a 32% penalty when defending against swordsmen. Requires a Gharial Tooth to make.

Desert Pike

Provides a 20% defense bonus against cavalry and a 40% bonus in the desert, but a 16% penalty in the jungle, and a 16% penalty on defense against spearmen, archers, and swordsmen. Requires Rahan Palm Wood and Water Salt.


Weakens attack and archer/spearman defense by 4%, but boosts defense against swordsmen by 60%, and comes with an additional 10% bonus when fighting in the Jungle. Minor (-2%) penalties when fighting in Arctic and Desert environments.

Fang-tipped Spear

Increases both attack and defense when fighting animals by 40% and boosts defense vs. bowmen and spearmen by 40%, but inflicts a major (24%) penalty when defending against enemy swordsmen and cavalry. Increases your movement speed by 5%, and requires one salamander fang per spear.

Boar Spear

Increases both attack and defense when fighting animals by 120%, but reduces attack by 16% and defense by 4% when not fighting animals. Requires Ancient Oak.

Razor-edged Spear

This spear provides a 10% increase in all attack and defense stats, and requires a Giant Scuttler Exoskeleton to make.

Silversteel Spear

Increases attack by 50% and defense against both swordsmen and cavalry by 25%, but requires one silversteel and water salt to make. Generally one of the most expensive spears to make.

Best spear

The best spear to use depends entirely on the circumstances. Generally, the most expensive spears are reserved for commander use, while cheaper spears may be equipped to soldiers.