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Suspicions of Treachery

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Quest Details
Suspicions of Treachery
Type Diplomatic
Level 2
To Accept 2
Basic secondary resource
Units Any Spies
Primary resource
Diplomatic Quests - Quests


A well dressed man with a dangerous manner takes you aside. Without speaking, he hands you a carefully rolled and sealed parchment. Glancing at it you recognise, with immense surprise, that it is the unbroken wax seal of the Council of Illyriad that holds the scroll closed.

The man indicates that you open the scroll and read it, so you do so. After a brief preamble from Cantor--one of King Sigurd's most trusted advisors--the message gets down to business.

The Council have heard whispers that a rebellion is being planned by some of Illyriad's dissatisfied citizens. They do not wish to lend credence or weight to the rumours by dispatching the King's Guard directly against any of the suspected plotters, so they wish to engage you in some fact-finding on their behalf.

Will you send a couple of spies out on behalf of your King to ascertain whether a nearby Lord is involved in the plot?

Accepting this quest will require you to
Successfully spy on Square xxx|yyy using any kind of spies.

Completed Quest

Your spies have not been able to find any evidence that this Lord was involved in a plot against the King, and they're very confident that their analysis is correct as the tiny settlement is too small to hide any secrets.

The mysterious and dangerous emissary from the Council receives your report impassively, and nods curtly. Thanking you for your time and effort, he leaves behind a small bag of 500 gold pieces.

What you get
Primary resource

Failed Quest

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