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My testing make it appears that when resources are moved to caravans, new resources are being generated. It might be a display glitch though. My resource was capped, I put up a sell order of the resources, the storage amount on the screen dropped and began increasing. (though theft protection is another issue) Hydraa 15:31, 25 April 2011 (ADT)

I did a little test of my own with the old UI. I placed a trade order for 200,000 iron, then let the numbers climb another 600+. I then spent 600 iron producing chain and then canceled the order immediately after. My storehouse shot back to full, when it should have remained nearly 600 short. Clearly storage limits do not take into consideration resources in trade offers. I do not believe this is intended behavior, but rather an easy short-term implementation that approximates the eventually intended mechanics. It may be worthwhile to submit a petition, but it's probably not enough a priority to get any attention. Maintaining the proper caps would require significantly more table lookups in the database. The unfortunate downside is that there's still a benefit to posting ludicrous trade offers (to gain surplus storage) even though there isn't supposed to be. --HonoredMule 16:33, 25 April 2011 (ADT)