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  • Need to add get_mana to this template
    • get_mana has been a supported attribute all along, both here and in Template:Table Resources. If there is any problem using it, please make a note on the transcluding article's talk page, and I will investigate further then.

New Quests

  • Do you want to add race to this template and it looks like a new line or two of quests (military, faction, magic)? from Global Chat
    • [23:23]<GM Stormcrow> Fairly chunky quest content release imminent, btw - tomorrow afternoon...
    • [23:23]<GM Stormcrow> Indeed. We're moving from around 30 Trade quests to 30... per race...
    • [23:24]<Gratch> so quests will be different per race?
    • [23:24]<GM Stormcrow> It's always annoyed us that - with just a couple of exceptions - each player race got the same quests
    • [23:29]<GM Stormcrow> @Mana - there's still a huge amount to do; they're moving onto the Military L3 quests now, as well as faction quests.
    • 23:30]<cuzdeath> what about magic
    • [23:31]<GM Stormcrow> @cuzdeath - Ah, that's the other thing. Soon. Very soon.
Anything that is "upcoming" remains low priority until either it's here or we at least have a release date under at least 1 week. It may be worthwhile to start maintaining a page with information about known plans and the game's roadmap, but elsewhere it's just more stuff purely for the sake of more stuff. One exception is when a new feature would significantly disrupt plans players make based on what they learn here--for example, Trade V2 resetting scores deserves mention for the sake of players who are currently grinding frivolous exchanges pointlessly.