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The Farmer's Wife

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Quest Details
The Farmer's Wife
Type Diplomatic
Level 2
To Accept 2
Basic secondary resource
Units >5 scouts
Natural resource
Diplomatic Quests - Quests



Following another successful harvest year, one of your local farmers couldn't look more miserable. He sits with his dog and his mug of ale, his whiskers drooping in the froth, and for all the world you'd think he was survivor of a famine.

It turns out Alf Shea is ever so lonely since his young bride fell ill and died but two years after they wed. Watering down the beer with his tears, he tells you that he would give anything to feel the loving companionship of a good woman again.

Surely, he says, there must be a woman in the world who could love him?

To complete this quest, you must
Successfully scout location xxx|yyy using >5 scouts (of any kind)

Successful Mission Report

Your scouts report that they had a great time getting to know all the prospective wives and girlfriends of Alf Shea and two of your scouts have found wives of their own—on top of the 400 food that they earned.

Quest Completion

They scoured towns and villages for a few miles around, mingling with the locals and talent spotting far and wide.

They rounded up a selection of rural beauties and city debutantes for Alf Shea to choose from and in no time he began a string of dates.

This is one farmer who won't be lonely for a while and, in thanks for what you've done for him, he's donated a sizable chunk of his harvest.

What you get
Natural resource

Failed Mission Report

Too much indulgence in the course of their search rendered your scouts incapable of doing much more than nurse their hang-overs.

Perhaps if there were more of them next time then they wouldn't all have the same terrible hangovers?