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The Pirate Isles

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The Pirate Isles covers roughly 39,980 square miles. The Pirate Isles the Pirate Isles consist of 3 main Islands and a myriad of tiny Islands. The most southern island is also the largest island. It is covered with hills and woods. The second island is the most northern. It has a mountain range in the center and quite possibly may not be an island at all. The third island is also the most eastern island. Like the first island it is cover in hills and woods. There is a small plain on the most eastern tip.

Registry of Mines

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Registry of Rare Herbs

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There is believed to be 95 towns supporting a population of 272,030. The oldest city BL The Safehouse was founded November 21, 2011. Londinium is the largest city with a population of 20,141.

Race Population
Human 103,851
Elf 100,555
Dwarf 63,091
Orc 4,533


There are 18 alliances in The Pirate Isles. There are 6 independent towns with a population of 15,282.

Top 5 Alliances Population
The Saints 53,968
Hanseatic League 36,141
Blood Moon 28,736
The Liberation 27,636

Alliance Capital
Bushido Temple of Bushido
Hanseatic League Lbeck


Faction Trade Hubs


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