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The Poisoned Isle

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The Poisoned Isle
The Poisoned Isle Biomes



The Poisoned Isle covers roughly 7680 square miles. It is located in the seas east of Huronire. The island is almost entirely Subtropical Rainforest biome. It is covered with maze like jungles interspersed among bare low hills.

Combat Terrain

Terrain Type Percent
Large Mountain <1%
Small Mountain <1%
Large Hill 15%
Small Hill 25%
Impassable 2%
Small Forest 29%
Plains <1%%
Buildings 2%
Large Forest 26%

Registry of Mines



As of 3/17/2015 there is believed to be 32 towns supporting a population of 85,434. This is about 10% of the potential settlements. The oldest city is Innisfree founded 03/07/2011. The largest city is Frothingslosh -with a population of 7181.

Race Population
Human 25,863
Elf 17,416
Dwarf 27,619
Orc 10,668


There are 10 alliances on The Poisoned Isle. There are two towns with a population of 5,615 that are unafilliated. Only one alliance has their capital on The Poisoned Isle

Top 5 Alliances Population
Pending... 17,532
Poisoned Isle People 11,480
Heroes of the Horn 10,940
Hammerfall 9,149
Wheel of Time 7,186

Alliance Capital
Poisoned Isle People Mortmania


There are no faction hubs on The Poisoned Islands